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gonna pull my hair out...

abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
not really, I`m just being overly dramatic.Ok.  So.  I`ve got Adobe Imageready, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver CS (this may make some of you developers cringe)  I`ve got my design pretty much down (I`m extremely anal/picky) and I can`t figure out HOW I`m going to get it from Imageready to Dreamweaver when I realize.  This isn`t an ECommerce Website.   And I`m not sure I have the faintest idea how to create one.So....I know many people like OSCommerce and ZenCart.  Both look like great programs, but, do either of them work with Mac?  If not... Is there any Ecommerce program that someone can reccomend that DOES work with Mac?Thanks in advance,Aaron


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    To run Zen Cart you need an Apache server, PHP and a suitable database (ideally MySQL). OS X already ships with Apache, but if you are running Mac OS X 10.4 (Intel) or higher you may find it easier to simply install the XAMPP package for MAC OS X. There is also help available from other Mac users in the Zen Cart support forum.
    The Zen Cart program, database, etc is run from where your ecommerce site is hosted (so the host needs an Apache server, PHP, and MySQL. You would need to be able to edit PHP on your computer to change any of the files.  The maintenance of the site through the Admin log in is all web based. ~Roland
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    elisaelisa subscriber Posts: 1
    Alright, I know we are pushing a month but I am replying cause you may still need the help or someone else who is viewing may so here we go!
    Pretty much what vweb said above is correct, get with your host company and find out what kind of server your on. Since these types of programs are setup on your online server and basically created through the internet it doesnt really matter what kind of computer you are using MAC or PC.
    Regarding imageready/dreamweaver. You will need to slice the image in the image program and bring in each piece to dreamweaver. Google slicing should be tutorials on it, Im sure. If your that anal about the design, maybe consider creating for a cms like drupal, mambo or joomla and then adding one of their shopping cart features. I personally use joomla and then added the virtuemart shopping cart.
    Hope this helps, have a great day!
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