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Online Beach Wear Boutique

owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2008 in Website Critique
Hi SuN pals,
Hello! Yup. All SuN pros please help me vet my website. Thanks alot!
Our Biz: Our business focused on reselling beach wear to our local market through our online boutique store. Our whole idea is to sell imported brand of beach wear all over the globe. Initially, we are starting off selling a series of brazilian bikinis founded on SuN! *CLAP*
Do check out their site - www.maregebikini.comowen872008-6-12 9:4:12


  • owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
    Oh Ya. We are also trying to add in Paypal service to our customer.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    1) Don`t brag that you`re a home-based business on your website.  That`s the advantage of the web - you can look bigger than you are and give the perception of stability to your customer.2) What is the smaller image on the front page?  It should be another model wearing a different bikini or at least a beach scene.3) You need a better title than "Index-2".4) Catalog page - no images!5) Why Us page - Same images as the front page.  Do something different here.6) How to Purchase page - Same photos again.  And your purchase methods are confusing.  At least provide a form for the buyer to send the information to you.  You said that you`re trying to get PayPal on your site, what is the problem?  If you have a PayPal account, you should be able to use the PayPal shopping cart.7) Media page - broken or incomplete?  All I see is "For,".  And the same image as the front page.8) Contact page - Same photo again...
  • SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey just visited your site and it`s looking good. The site design looks great but I notice that the other pages is not yet finished. Looking forward to see the final output.
  • owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks for the solid advice you gave Videography!
    1) I will take away the home-based business thing
    2) I also felt that the image is quite irrelevant
    3) The title is still not updated
    4) Catalogue page - Still on construction
    5) Yup! i told my webmaster to choose different photos for different pages already. I gave him more than enough.
    6) I would add in paypal payment soon. This page sounds abit confusing to me too.
    7)Media page - Coming soon. Decided to put some testimonials from our customers in the future
    7) Change that bloody photo! haha!
    I hope there`s more comments to come.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I hope there`s more comments to come.

    Tell us to look again after the changes are made.
  • infiltainfilta subscriber Posts: 8
    I wouldn`t buy anything in your store just because you don`t have a sufficient trust level. You don`t have your physical address on the site. Is this some kind of a scam?
    And your payments methods are simply unacceptable for an on-line store. Payment by phone? By sms? Are you serious? I would only pay by my credit card so if you can`t screw me and I can always dispute the charge.
    Seriously, you`re not serious e-commerce ready.infilta6/14/2008 6:36 PM
  • owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
    Hey everyone. The site is Ready and upgraded.
    I guess the comments this time will be very constructive.


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    MUCH better.  The only suggestion I would make this time around is that you explain the PayPal purchases a little better.  Something like:"We use the PayPal Shopping Cart, but you can pay by Credit Card through PayPal without a PayPal account, or
      .Other than that, I like the changes you made.
  • owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
    Thank you Videography. Looking forward to more comments..
    Now, its time to hit the sales... This would be the hardest part =)
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Very well done. I like how you see more than just one pic of the product. Great colors too. Very eye catching.
    Good Luck
  • WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
    I am curious.  Since you get your products from Brazilian-Bikinis.net, what is preventing the customer from buying directly from them and cutting you out of the equation? 
  • pkldrhpkldrh subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey girls.
    This is only for your help.

    pkldrh7/30/2009 5:10 AM
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