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Resale Certificate?

I`m researching to open a video game retail store in Ohio. I`m curious of how to attain a resale license and how much it is? Also if anybody knows of any good video game distributors.
Thank you,
Justin Boyd


  • design4webdesign4web subscriber Posts: 6
    Just some advice, I have seen wholesale rates and large and I mean large quanities have to be purchased to be able to get it as cheap some places online. I have seen....Game Quest Direct, SuperD, Ingram, VPD etc.
    If you are just going to be a small shop do some price comparisons with some sellers out there. You will be surprised. Also, new video game mark ups are not that high and selling used video games usually pays off more in the long run.
    places to try to find cheap games:
    Google Shopping
    when looking for example Amazon, dont buy from Amazon but from sellers on Amazon.
    I highly recommend an online storefront along with your own website shopping cart to direct from your store front whether it is ebay or amazon. Fees can get really expensive on ebay and amazon and should primarily serve as marketing and getting new customers.
    Offer better prices on your website.
    I have done this for a collectibles niche I was in and worked well.
    Good Luck!
  • design4webdesign4web subscriber Posts: 6
    Cant edit post above.
    Also, ebay has wholesale lots in which can be purchased from wholesalers, liquidation lots and video gamers who have a lot of completed games.
  • MavorMavor subscriber Posts: 1
    Also remember, as a small business, you are likely NOT going to be offering your customer a decreased price when compared to online competition.
    Therefor, try to emphasize the attributes that make a small shop unique vs. large chains... provide top-notch customer service, find ways to involve your community, and offer them a unique experience.
    Whereas a online vendor or big-chain is all about "lowest price", your primary concern should be "people people people".
  • infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    You might want to consider affiliate marketing. There are lesser constraints and licensing issues.
  • infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    You might want to consider doing affiliate marketing as it does not require licensing or resale certificates.
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    You need to have a resale certificate in order to collect the sales tax.
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