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Putting My Product to Retail

tyketyke subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2008 in Sales
Warm Greetings Everybody!
I currently have a novel product in the lines of health care equipment, and I would like to bring it to retail stores, more specifically department stores.
I am concerned with the following information:
1. What is the best procedure to pitch my product, and to whom?
2. What can I do to keep the confidentiality of the product since it is still not available in the market?
3. Various terms such as front-end fee, back-end fee, credit terms and commissions.
The community`s advice is most welcomed! tyke2/1/2008 1:15 AM


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    minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    Hello tyke,
    I`m just getting started myself but here are a few ideas that I have learned along the way.  If you are looking at department stores, you can call them and ask who the buyer is for that particular department.  Once you get their name, try to contact them directly so that they can learn about your product.  As far as confidentiality, check with an attorney to see if you have any issues.  Once you are sure that any proprietary information is secure, I would say to tell anyone you can about your product.  Finally, one good way to decide what your terms and conditions should be is to look at ones from other companies.  Make sure that you choose terms and conditions that fit the way you want your company to work.  For instance, if you don`t have a lot of money don`t offer credit terms.  I hope this helps!
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