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wouldyoulove.com feedback request

wouldyoulovewouldyoulove subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2012 in Website Critique
Would you love . . . ? is a new service for enhancing intimate relationships. Our target audience is adults in committed relationships. The site is entering public beta, meaning that we are pretty close to saying it's ready, but we would love to have feedback:
(The point of usability testing is to see if you will understand the site like we hope, so I am not giving any more explanations )

Do you think the idea is good?
Would you pay for the service?
Are there any reasons why you wouldn't join? (that is, are we doing something to drive you away?)
What makes you hesitate?
What could we change?
Do you think you are able to understand how the whole thing works? Especially if you create an account and see all our page layouts etc?
Is the whole thing simple enough?

Please note that while the site doesn't contain any images or videos, the content is suitable only for adults.
Here is a link to the site: http://wouldyoulove.com
Please be patient if you decide to create an account and really test the service. We need to review all user content and we don't yet have 24h system in place. We are likely either sleeping or working on our daily jobs if things seem to be stuck.
We love feedback! Either here or through our contact form.
One last thing: The site is free at the moment, but you can buy a subscription if you think the idea is good and you want to help kickstart things a bit faster.
Thanks for your time!
Juha (on behalf of rest of the would you love team)


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