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$19.95/month Unlimited Website Support Pitch

netstralogynetstralogy subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Elevator Pitches
Contender is a subscription-based website maintenance and support service that offers unlimited website updates for only $19.95 a month. 
I came up with this idea when I noticed that most small business websites are not regulary updated. When I started asking, the most common response I got was that it`s too expensive to get maintenance package - especially when they don`t have the need to update a lot of stuffs all the time.  Most end up trying to update the sites themselve and got tired of it.
So I thought of something that`s affordable and reasonable.  I did the math and some analysis and this is what I`ve came up with.   Maintenance work will be done by sessions.  The maintenance package would cover just basic text and image updates - which is what they need.  They can have unlimited updates per session - one page, 10 pages or all the pages on their website and it would be covered in that session.
What are your thoughts on this?
Any input would be appreciated.
Alvin netstralogy2007-1-11 2:24:18


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Sounds reasonable, but not convencing.My Current Maintenance price runs for $49.99 a month. Which covers all the content and Images and new pages. This is for my clients... Here is where you will find youself in trouble. How many web development languages do you know proficiently? Are you experienced in php, asp, jsp, coldfusion, asp.net, cgi, xml to name a few?Let me give you a scenario: You just aquired a new customer, he wants you to update his web sites, but it`s not really a web site, its an application (shopping cart, interactive) he has a database running on the background that was completely working before you decided to start coding. What if you mess things up? What type of liability Insurance or Protection do you have to cover you incase they sue you? Another instance: It`s an application written in Flex, Mysql and Condfusion.Are you experienced with FLEX, MYSQL or Coldfusion?Things can get sticky. Now for a regular HTML web site... perhaps you can.But before you go into a business venture, make sure you have all your bases covered. It`s easy to come up with ideas, and they sound and seem feasible when we strategize a new business. it`s the delivery end of it, that catches most people of guard. Just helping you out alittle.. 
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    netstralogynetstralogy subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your input Edgar.  Actually, like what I`ve mentioned in my previous post, the maintenance package is targeted towards those who only need a few updates a month and it covers only content updates for HTML websites.
    As far as web applications, we have a different maintenance package that covers that type of maintenance.  I have a team of designers and programmers that can do asp, php, xml, cgi, javascript, FLEX, MySQL, ColdFusion, and any other types of web languages if needed.
    I guess, I need to rephrase my question.  The input that I`m looking for is geared towards business owners.  I wanted to see if there`s a market for the service that`s we`re providing.  If, in the prospective of a business owner, would this be a good option or are there other options that business owners may have when it comes to website maintenance?  What other maintenance needs do you have trouble resolving and what features would you like to see in choosing a maintenance package?
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I think it sounds resonable. I offer web maintenance for 25.00 a month that includes 1/2 hour. Our second tier is 50.00 and that includes extras like help with newletter, updating flash, adding a basic page or form, a web banner. I think 19.95 for text and pic changes is great a month!
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    BrianSBrianS subscriber Posts: 0
    It seems like a good idea if you`ve done the math correctly. Have you done any research to see if the market will support this service. It seems that some web designers already offer this service, so it seems feasible.  But will customers purchase this service a la carte? I`m speculating, but I`m guessing many of the potential customers who would use this service might already have dedicated web designers who handle this for them. Maybe you could carve out a market in the DIY design market, or catch the business of those who just paid one time to have their design created. 
    Do you plan on integrating this into your existing design offerings? If starting this business fresh, I would suggest partnering with a related business (Web hosting, for example, or as an out-sourced partnership with designers).
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