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Vets get help starting their own businesses

JoseJose subscriber Posts: 4
edited January 2009 in Veterans

Veterans in need of a job after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are getting offers of help for an alternative: setting up their own small businesses.

More than 200 companies nationally are providing benefits, discounted fees or special financing to help honorably discharged U.S. military veterans purchase franchises and receive training to operate their own businesses.


Franchising is a wonderful way to go into business for yourself. So many things have already been established for your benefit: branding, marketing, processes, products, systems, etc. Building a business through franchising has been so successful that franchised businesses generate jobs for more than 18 million Americans and account for 10 percent of the private-sector economic output, according to a study recently released by the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation.

If you are convinced that you want to investigate franchising for your next career move, how do you go about finding just the right one?


This is one subject about which much as been written. Everyone has their own version of what you need to do to find that one, perfect concept for you and for your market. At our company, helping people find their ideal franchise opportunity is what we do. As a result, we have worked with thousands of people looking to find the right franchise and realize their dreams.

What are your thoughts?

Jose3/18/2008 12:10 PM


  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises subscriber Posts: 3
    Helping veterans find their own franchise a great idea. But it can be costly for anyone, much less a veteran to fund the initial cost of a franchise. How does you business make money? Do you defer any cost of opening a franchise?
  • JoseJose subscriber Posts: 4
    There are many financing options available to investors whether they are a veteran or not. Financing a franchise doesn`t have to cost you a million dollars to start. There are many franchises where the fees start as low as $5,000. That is why in my last post I described that there are substantial discounts available from franchisors to veterans that participate in the program.
    The services I provide are at no cost to the client. The same concept exists if someone werer looking for a house. If your relocating to a new area of the country I`m sure you would start asking friends, relatives, etc. if they could recommend a good agent that knows the area to help you find your next home. We represent over 250 of the Countries most trusted and respected names in franchising. You wouldn`t buy a home or plan your retirement without the guidance of a professional...so why would you want to buy a business without expert advice? Our fees come from the franchisor and it doesn`t cost the client a penny more in franchise fees to you us as their advisor.
    In a nutshell, We are not working for ANY of these companies...We work for the client. The franchises we represent formed a relationship with us because they know we are not about selling, we are about matchmaking. We put you in touch only with those companies that fit your skills, background, desires and finances. Our wealth of franchise inventory allows us to act as consultants and not salespeople.
  • JCConsultingJCConsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully in the future, after my retirement, I`ll need your services. Best of luck to you!
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    aside from what everyone else has mentioned, look into little caesar`s program for vets. they really help finance and train you to run a successful franchise (i am not affiliated with them).  this is only if you are interested in running a franchise so make sure you do your research in terms of what you want to do and the pros and cons involved with each option.  i have made a post in a different category which i believe better fits here. my apologies.
    good luck!
  • TWLTWL subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    it still goes back to obtaining the funding to purchase the Franchise. And it's not easy, unless you have a 700 plus credit score. There allot of BS agencies, that state they work with bad credit, all lies.
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