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Tips on starting a new "online business"

First, the business does not have to be based online. If you are going to have a website that you want to get noticed, this applies also.
First thing is domain name. Don`t purchase a non-descriptive domain. IE; Your business is John`s LawnCare Service. Buy a domain like; atlantalawncare.com or johnslawncare.com. Don`t buy; jlcare.com or atllawn.com. Their visibility on the search engines are affected by the title.
The website domain, title, description tags, and content must all play together for your exposure to be the best it can.
Build links with other websites. For instance, my directory, spothole.com offers free backlinks with a reciprocal link. Our directory only allows the best websites. Most directories just want links and will add any junk site. You want quality links.
Writing a few PR`s for your new company will gain you some exposure.
Start commenting on blogs with your url in the comment.
There are free software programs out there that will submit links automatically for you and automate blog commenting.
You do not have to pay for advertising. I never have.


  • menexismenexis subscriber Posts: 1
    I would recommend you not use those software that submit links automatically to blogs because that is considered spam.
  • freightfinderfreightfinder subscriber Posts: 3
    How is it spam? Google considers it "spam" link building if you are using 1 or 2 of the same titles and descriptions.
    You think people actually go out and single handidly build backlinks? Even if you pay a submission service, you think they arent using a tool?
    I havent had any trouble in 3 years of using it. Thanks
  • freightfinderfreightfinder subscriber Posts: 3
    The blog commenting software requires actual commenting, not just a link. All the software does is provide a list and link to 100`s of blogs. I do the same on my blog. It comes through my email, and before I even go to my dashboard, I look at the url and start of the comment. Most of the spam ones start off with "http://kasjdue.idwiwe.co.in.uk.ar freightfinder3/23/2009 4:36 PM
  • sjohnson1sjohnson1 subscriber Posts: 0
    I second all of the above. I also do quite a bit of backlinking BY HAND. I don`t mind at all, and I have complete control over where my links fall, what Page Rank sites I comment on and I can make sure that my comments are genuine, relevant and actually contribute to the pages where I post the links.
    I would also recommend that anyone starting an online business do some rudimentary research into SEO or search engine optimization. You can get organic traffic to your site if you build your site well, keep the content fresh and use easy SEO tactics to increase your site`s rankins in the search engines.
    Something that has worked very well for me is to write articles about my niche and post those articles to article submission sites like ezine articles and Goarticles and Squidoo. I then create backlinks to those articles, and each article has a link to my site. When the articles are popular, you receive traffic from them and it`s great! Of course, I do keyword research using Micro Niche Finder first, to make my campaigns as successful as possible. I find a great keyword using Micro Niche Finder, then write an article about the keyword and using the keyword in the title, then I use that keyword in the backlinks I create for my article and my site. Before I know it, I rank on the first page of Google for those long-tail keywords and I`m bursting with traffic and business!
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