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Starting a website for a sports bar/nightclub - Need input

crbbjrjpcrbbjrjp subscriber Posts: 5
edited January 2007 in Marketing
I`m in the process of getting things together to buy a bar and want input on starting a website.  I am fairly familiar with Myspace and will have a site on there, but am in the dark about an actual website.  I have done some website design but it`s been about 5 years ago and I think I`d be completely lost trying to do it all on my own.  I have seen advertisements for free websites and I`ve also seen places that charge a monthly fee.  Here is what I am looking for:  I`d like to have a site I can put pictures, directions, hours, contact information, a calendar of upcoming events, links to sports sites/schedules, links to bands that will be playing, specials, MAYBE an email address or two, MAYBE a forum, MAYBE a video or two, etc.  I`ll most likely not be doing any transactions on the site and will use it merely for promotion and advertising.     QUESTIONS:  How do I do it?  Any recommendations of websites to help (Free or Pay)?  Any recommendations of websites to help me design it?  Suggestion for content?  Anything else anyone recommends?


  • crbbjrjpcrbbjrjp subscriber Posts: 5
    Agree, but I`m not a complete computer dummy and I have the time to do it.  I`d rather take a stab at doing it myself first.  Right now I am doing a ton of research, but still have extra time I can find to try to build my own site.  If the price was right I may consider paying to do it for me, but all-in-all I think I`d like to try myself first.  Why do you ask, do you design websites?
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Web design is multi-faceted discipline. I do recommend using the services of a professional copywriter and web designer. On the other hand, I go to bars from time to time and I really can`t remember the last time I visited a web site for a bar. I suppose directions might be nice. You could probably get away with a single page site, with an additional page for a calendar. That wouldn`t cost much money.
  • ImagineThatImagineThat subscriber Posts: 1
    As a previous club owner myself, I can see where a calendar of events can be a big plus with all the young people that frequent bars  that also spend tons of time on the web while listening to music. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression so make it Outstanding the first time. Then just try and get it linked to all the other local sites of similar interests or local online newpapers. Just some thoughts.
  • coscoopercoscooper subscriber Posts: 0
    crbb - here`s some suggestions as it sounds like youre a DYIer like me regardless of the funds available.BTW... I`m not affiliated with any of these companies, but I am a user of all of this technology on a dailiy basis.1-find a low-cost host provider. There are a ton of good ones out there, but one I`ve used for several projects, http://www.bluehost.com Good, solid, reliable and very helpful.2 - get a CMS (content management system) framework that has lots of support and lots of extra`s. http://www.joomla.org3 - get a good professional template design. If you go with Joomla, highly recommended, then go to http://www.rocketthemes.com These are by far, the best professional templates around.Go have fun. There are tons, literally tons of modules, components and plug-in peices for Joomla to do everything you mention.Good luck - Shane
  • CoppermanCopperman subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello CR,
    If I may, I would like to offer a suggestion regarding the multimedia aspect. I am affiliated to this company. I am sure you can independently come to your own conclusions......if not you won`t be here.
    I will therefore not put my site information here, but general site you can check out.
    First site to check out is www.digitalfx.com</A>. As you will see, it is possible to have digital media based website with social networking, forums, blogs etc for cents per day.
    The next site to look at is www.helloworld.com</A> to see how all of this is put together.
    Simply any of your digital media can be created, stored, shared across multiple formats and devices and platforms (automatic transcoding) and posted to your website, newsletter etc as easily and dragging and dropping.
    ALL of the above can be done as a private label, so your look, feel, sound and people see you differently from everybody else. Yet you have ALL control and ownership over your content.
    Hope this helps somewhat and not too sales pitchy.
  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17

    You sound like you can do it yourself, so I`d say go for it.I have to agree with
    in that the secret if you`re going to do it yourself is to find a host that offers all those things you want on your site as free resources or tools. Well, I shouldn`t say free but included. They`d tell you it`s free. I like Joomla but I am now a Geeklog addict. So when you`re looking at the hosting packages, those are two names you can look out for. Also, look out for the hosting package that comes with Photo Gallery software, etc.Take lots of pictures and put them up on your website. Start a mailing list and try to get your customers` birthdays and anniversaries and invite them to come over and celebrate with their friends; send out photos of people having fun at your bar. Man, I am getting excited about the idea as I write this.Anywho, I think you have enough.BTW, I should thank you too because as I was writing this an idea came to me.Gotta get to it.Bye,Aleem Khan
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