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Is this Legit?

Tabor88Tabor88 subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2008 in Startup Funding
Someone posted this link on a topic I started two days ago regarding startup funding tips.  Check the signature link to check it out.  Seems okay to me but I wanted to get other opinions before I invest any time in it.


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Not sure what you mean by legit. As far as I can tell, the concept is that you can "raise" (I`d call it earn) money (he calls it capital) by getting others to buy the fundraiser concept. Are you are OK with getting others to buy it and are willing to spend time promoting it?
  • Tabor88Tabor88 subscriber Posts: 3

    Thanks for your reply.

    So in other words you think the business model looks sound and that it could actually bring in revenue if I were to take the time to tell a few people about it each day?
    Also, what do you know about the Internet Trade Bureau?
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I didn`t intend to say I thought this was a sound business model - but since you ask - do the numbers and see what you think.
    Ask yourself, will telling a few people (entrepreneurs trying to raise capital)  a day get it done.
    Send me a PM if you want to discuss the specifics of your situation.
  • MrwizardMrwizard subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, I am hopeing all works as I signed up as well,  so someones making money!!!!
    I just need to generate some funds and get my other programs up to speed so fundraising seemed the right way to go.
    Have a great adventureMrwizard8/1/2008 2:49 AM
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