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Please Give Feedback on www.PimpMyNews.com

John4857John4857 subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,
My business partner and I recently launched PimpMyNews ( ), and we`d love your feedback.
What is PimpMyNews? PimpMyNews scours the web 24/7 for text news & blog posts that YOU like and converts them to MP3s that you listen to (vs. R-E-A-D) on your iPod, iPhone or PC - anytime, anywhere Why is it Cool? - Stay current on the news and blogs YOU care about - Save time - your favorite stories come to YOU - Listen on-the-go - in the car, at the gym - anywhere - Express Yourself - share & rate stories, create playlists & more Please check out http://www.PimpMyNews.com</A> and tell us what you think John48572007-12-4 23:27:56


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    John4857John4857 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your feedback Craig! 
    Sorry you don`t like the name PimpMyNews. For the teen to 34 yr old "Internet generation" that we`re targeting, the word "Pimp", when used as a verb, has another meaning than the one people our age think of - To them, it means to "personalize" or "improve" something (as in PimpMyRide, the hit MTV show). We`re aware that the name is controversial to some, however it describes what we offer (Personalize/Improved News), it makes people to want to know more about it, and it is memorable. If we get statistically relevant negative feedback from our target audience, we`ll consider changing it.
    Glad that you see the utility in the offering. We automatically capture 5,000+ breaking news & blog stories per day from 1,000 sources, across 57 categories...and convert them in real time to high quality audio that anyone can listen to online, or on any device that plays mp3s.
    It`s currently free to consumers and we`re planning on offering a premium version with more functionality on a subscription basis (likely $5 per month). If you sign up, you`ll see that you can customize your playlist to your preferences.
    Thanks again for the input.
    John485712/7/2007 1:07 AM
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    John4857John4857 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your feedback.  Since I originally posted this on 12/4/07 we`ve publicly launched PimpMyNews and it has taken off.
    People from 96 countries have come to the site, we`ve received a lot of positive press on the web, in newspapers and we were even invited to join a radio show.  Just this week, we were selected as "Cool Site of the Day" and our traffic more than tripled.
    jkdbjj - keep driving
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    John4857John4857 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback Kristen - I agree it`s a little busy and we`re considering simplifying it. 
    About the "m dashes"... the true m dash characters cause compatibility issues with certain browsers... In order to avoid this, we use hyphens.
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