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Opinion on Business Idea-Fitness

aparks11aparks11 subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello, I would like your opinion on a business idea in the fitness industry. I teach group fitness classes and would like to open a gym devoted to only classes. It would be similar to a yoga studio but offer cardio classes (spinning, treadmill), yoga, body blast, bootcamp etc. There would not be a membership fee. ONLY a pay per class kind of place. I would teach a few classes a day and then have other instructors as well. The charge would be $7-10 per class.
I think this might work because at gyms you are usually locked into a contract. Also, personal training is so expensive (also certified in this).
Be honest....


  • aparks11aparks11 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for all of your valuable input! You are right when it comes to budgeting for the monthly expenses so I will definitely have to think about that one. As for the instructors, it would be room rental or a split with the instructor. At one gym where I work I make 75% of what they charge. This is a country club and it works out to be very profitable to me and the gym gets a cut as well.
    I like the business models of the yoga studios. They seem to have a big following. I would love to include merchandise.
    Again, thank you. I really appreciate your feedback.
  • mikeperegrinemikeperegrine subscriber Posts: 0
    I also thought about shifting my business focus to the fitness industry, simply because it`s a passion for me and I love helping others learn the concepts associated with good health.  I`d think that the number one contributing factor to your success will be just that ... that this is your passion.  As far as membership fees and business planning are concerned, don`t skimp on thinking it through.  My city offers free courses on business planning, and if you do some research, I`m sure yours has something similar.  They are designed to help people really reason through the process of starting any venture. 
    What I like about your idea is that it concentrates on a certain facet of the industry.  I hire a trainer at my gym, but we are always working around classes that are going on at the time.  It would be nice to have a place that is strictly devoted just to the group the stuff, which operates separately from the rest of the gym.  I`m sure you could come up with some great ways to market the idea.  Best of luck!
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