Blogs...Are you using one???

onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
I just started using a blog as I start my business and I wanted to know if anyone is using a blog to generate traffic to their website. Feel free to look at mine at It is new so there are only a few articles there. Also I found an informative article on starting a blog and how to develop your readership. ... adership.h tmlThanks John


  • SeafarerSeafarer subscriber Posts: 1
    I write a Family Travel blog and also blog on NHRA drag racing -- they both tie into my business as a freelance writer.  My main author site is mostly to set up my bio, background and published clips on a more static site than the blogs.
    You simply cannot be a high-impact author today without an online presence of some sort (plus, no editor fiddles with my writing on my blogs and I don`t have to wait for the magazine to come out!)
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