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Begin with the end in mind

onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
edited December 2006 in Business Planning
One thing that gets lost in creating a business is the exit strategy. When you are developing aq business plan your exit. What are you looking for in your business? How do you plan to profit from your business once you created your revenue stream? Many people start businesses but only own a job because they do not have an exit strategy. Too many people are worried about type of entity and will I be able to get customers. those things are important but always remember to keep your eye on the prize. Carefully plan your exit whether it be a buyout, IPO, or other way because that is where the money is made.
onlineeater2006-12-4 13:52:30


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    onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    I did not post this with the intention of anyone investing in my business. When I stated revenue I was assuming profitable revenue. I like taking ideas and launching them. Making them profitable and finding someone else who can manage the business long term so I can get working on the next launch. I guess I could hire someone to run the business if I wanted to. I guess that is where my thought came from. Funny though I have actually done a lot of trading over the years. 
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