Anyone familer with SCORE???

onlineeateronlineeater Posts: 16subscriber
SCORE "Counselors to America`s Small Business" has counseled 7.5 million entrepreneurs by Retired Fortune
500 executivessince 1964. http://www.score.orgI have an appointment on Thusday.


  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman Posts: 2subscriber
    I am glad to see you were actually able to get an appt. with someone at SCORE.  I have reached them a couple of times and nobody will call me back.  When I was in Colorado one of the SCORE people called me back and seemed like she was in a hurry and was`nt willing spend much time with me.  I have not been impressed with this organization at all, but maybe other people have had better experiences?  Good Luck!
  • LovePilatesLovePilates Posts: 0subscriber

    I`ve had pretty good results with them online.  You can send them an email based on the topic, i.e., trademarks will connect you with an intellectual property expert.
    Keep in mind that the advice is free, so you always want to use this as an additional resource, not a primary one.
  • onlineeateronlineeater Posts: 16subscriber
    Kathy,That is where I am meeting as I live in Aurora. I will post my results.John
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy Posts: 2subscriber
    I have used them once online.  I asked about shipping from China to USA and the guy mentioned the need of a customs broker and told me what to look for in a good broker.  I thought it was pretty good advice. MNGrillGuy2006-11-6 16:44:27
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark Posts: 103subscriber
    The "R" stands for "Retired."   The "E" stands for "Executive."   In my experience, the retired executives there are very very conservative - sometimes too conservative.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advice from my grandfather.  He has a lot of wisdom.  He is also opposed to taking risk.  Sometimes we need those risks for a long-term vision.
  • onlineeateronlineeater Posts: 16subscriber
    They did offer some good perspectives and advice. They liked my project and thought the venture had some great possibilities. They were a bit on the condervitive side. 
  • BettyBrigadeBettyBrigade Posts: 0subscriber
    I`m glad to hear others have had a good experience.  Here in Ann Arbor, my SCORE counselor didn`t have a clue as to how to councel me in my concierge business.  He told me I seemed to be doing the right things, but had no real advice for me. 
    I don`t think I was ever linked up with a SCORE person that was right for my biz.
  • minimegeologyminimegeology Posts: 26subscriber
    yes, I have used SCORE.  Go online and you can choose mentor from other areas of the country and get advice via email.  It is a great way to find someone whose experience meets your needs.
  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises Posts: 3subscriber
    I`ve never tried SCORE myself, but have heard about there organization many times from numerous people that I trust. Also, heard some good stories about them.
    Like anything, I wouldn`t use them exclusively but they should be good for information and experiences.
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