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Really need your feedback and comments concerning my site

TheInvisibleHandTheInvisibleHand subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
Hi everyone,
I recently discovered startupnation.com and I`m hoping that some of you guys might have some suggestions for our website - www.4translations.net</A>.
We are a service business and provide language translation services, and although we`re based in Europe this website is designed for the US market.
Any advice or comments anyone may have in helping to make our website more effective would be highly welcomed. At this stage, I`m interested in hearing your opinions on everything - SEO, content, layout, etc. I really appreciate your time in helping us here.
Thanks in advance for any help!


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    I`m viewing your site on a high speed connection with IE7.
    Images: First thing... the file size of your header image is way too large, over 100kb. This makes the page slow to load. The file size should be a lot smaller especially since it is a mostly black and white image.  The blue text "satisfaction..." is a little hard to read
    Navigation: When I went to your other pages...I did not see a link back to your home page. This is important..for the viewer to find their way back to your home page and can help in page popularity. It is also a good idea to have links to all your pages on the home page (could be at the bottom of the page).
    I recommend employing some sort of mouseover effect for all links. It makes the site more user friendly.
    Content:  Watch for spelling errors - especially since you are selling translation services. The text under the header image says: "With rates starting at $0.11 per souce word ..."
    You should not underline text unless it is a link (especially since your menu  links are underlined). non-obligation  - in the last paragraph of the home page.
    I like the idea of using icons for the steps (on the home page). I didn`t "get" or make the connection between "make payment" and the icon to its` left.
    I would think the various languages you offer should be more prominently displayed.
    What is an "A4" page?
    SEO: Each web page should have a separate and distinct title. Preferably that uses one or two of your targeted keywords - different for each page. There should be more links from your keywords -  in the page content. Also, when you say click on the start now button... why not link the text "start now". Otherwise the viewer must look for the start now button and click it.... I know not a big deal, but us viewers are lazy.
     vwebworld2007-5-25 2:58:45
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    TheInvisibleHandTheInvisibleHand subscriber Posts: 2
    To vwebworld, CraigL & nhgnikole,
    Thanks so much for responding. Sorry for the delay in responding but I was overwhelmed with work for a couple of days, I`m sure you know how it is. Your comments and suggestions were great and I`m going to make sure they all get implemented.
    Thanks once again for taking the time to help us out. I really appreciate it.TheInvisibleHand2007-5-30 14:55:13
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