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Creating Self-Sustaining Website Activity

JobSiteJoeJobSiteJoe subscriber Posts: 1
     My website launched in August, and I received LOADS of great advice when I last posted.   The website is called www.JobSiteJoe.com</A>, and its designed to help connect homeowners in need of home and garden estimates with local professionals in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.   Its key feature:  "Joe`s Estimator" where a Homeowner uploads an "estimate request" with their first name, phone number, email address, city, job category, time to call, job details, etc.  I`ve had plenty of press/media exposure in the local area and continue to have average traffic to the site (never enough of course).  
      Thanks to the advice I got last time, I`m on AM and FM radio and even have some short TV commercials on HGTV and another channel. 
     My goal is to get the website to the next level -- self-sustainment, where more homeowners and businesses are regularly drawn to the site.  I already try to foster return interest:  I upload home repair/improvement interest stories on the site daily, and I have an "Ask a Joe" technical question bulletin board which receives modest traffic.  I`ve also tried an online giveaway, but now I`m looking for something more interactive which will make people want to visit the site throughout the day.   There are 1.6 million people in the Hampton Roads area, and plenty of construction / remodeling / landscaping to facilitate online discussion, exhange, ideas, etc.   
      Similar to StartUpNation.com, I`d like for JobSiteJoe.com to become the online area venue for local homeowners and handymen to flock to, meet, communicate via, network, help others, etc -- A vibrant Hampton Roads H&G forum.  
      Would appreciate any advice you may have to help me take this to the next level!  Thank you!


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    jellynetjellynet subscriber Posts: 0
    Sustained traffic is good, but the only problem I would think you have would be that instead of people telling their friends about the site, they might tell their friends about the actual person that ended up doing their work.  The challenge with a local community is that they might think it would be easier to network face to face etc.  One way you could promote it locally is go to community events/expos and have boths or ads there.  There are probably renovation type events in your area that might be of interest.
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    JobSiteJoeJobSiteJoe subscriber Posts: 1
    Great points, and yes, there are definitely homearama or home and garden events here which I plan on getting involved in.   Also, the face to face thing will definitely happen as you mentioned, but I hope the website will continue to help small businesses and homeowners meet (it already has many times over).  
    While AngiesList.com helps homeowners get the biz rep on a plumbing company, for example, JobSiteJoe (primarily) helps homeowners get actual phone calls or emails from companies (and more than one estimate). 
    Thanks very much for you advice!  
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    JobSiteJoeJobSiteJoe subscriber Posts: 1
         Thanks for the info, and yes, I`m a big fan of AM radio for advertising.   Your comments are thought-provoking, especially the part about the cross-over point.
    Here`s my basic challenge:
    1.  Increase traffic to the site via targeted or out-of-the-box marketing/ads
    2.  Build a community environment that brings people back because it`s both fun and interesting
    ~ Mike
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi Mike,
    Mike I like your site and ideas.
    Mike have you thought of purchasing online forum software for you site. This way site visitors can join and become members.
    Then members could have live access to questions competitions promotions etc. through the forum.
    See the software to do this http://www.phpfox.com/index.php</A>
    See example of software working http://www.bizpreneur.com/signup.php?refer=rexiedexie</A>
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    JobSiteJoeJobSiteJoe subscriber Posts: 1
         Have not considered this, but I`ll definitely check it out!  Sounds interesting.
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