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watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
Does anyone have any experience with pre-paid  legal
service?  I have a few contracts that I need reviewed by an
attorney.  I called and got some
prices which I cant afford at this time.  Hourly charges run from $200 to $250.
I heard good things about pre-paid legal but am interested to know if anyone
at S.u.N. has ever used it.... Thanks!


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    cslade3cslade3 subscriber Posts: 1
    I have pre-paid legal service for myself and have been very happy with the advice and support that they have given me. My family just recently used it to save 16,000 from an automotive scan that a Lawyer through Pre-paid helped us track down. I think it is worth it from a personal standpoint and especially if initially you cannot afford the high lawyer fees. I do know that they will only review contracts once or twice before charging you and am not sure about the quality of advice from a business perspective although I plan on using them initially with some questions I have for my company. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks for your comments, I am going to need something like this
    especially in the beginning for contract review and any problems that
    may come up in the beginning.
    It is good to know especially about the extra charges for contracts so I am not
     surprised later on. 
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    I have used it when I first started my company. You get so many contracts reviewed each month. The business plan was $40 a month and included 3 contrat reviews per month. The personal plan is $15 a month. You can call them unlimited amounts of time for advice. Perfect for startup companies.
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    psigirlpsigirl subscriber Posts: 0
    I have had Pre-paid Legal for about 6 months now and it is the best $31 a
    month I ever spend! The lawyers are great, I have received tons of advice
    with both business and personal matters, and I really do use the
    unlimited phone calls. I think the document review is free for up to 10
    page docs. Plus, in this most litigious country in the world I think people
    just really need this kind of insurance. I just recently signed up to become
    as associate part time becasue I believe in it so much. If you want to go to
    my website and check it out, its www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jdelaneau.
    Good luck with your stuff!
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    watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks everyone for answering!
    I live in NJ and apparently the business plan is not available here
    only the family plan.  So I am just wondering  if I could
    still get my business contracts reviewed. Right now there are eight
    that I need reviewed.  I heard that they offer
    a  25% discount on anything that is not included.  I called a
    few attorneys around here and got quotes of $200 to $250 per
    hour.  So I am hoping that this works out for me since the price
    is right....
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    checksyeschecksyes subscriber Posts: 0
    We purchased Pre-Paid legal this past year, and used their services when one of our software providers sent us an intent to terminate our representation services.  We provided the Pre-Paid attorney with a complete list of clients and prospects weeks before the termination deadline, in order to receive compensation for our marketing and promotional efforts.  Unfortunately, the Pre-Paid attorney blew off the deadline and missed it.  As a result, our business loses several hundred thousand dollars in potential revenue.
    My personal experience reveals that you get what you pay for...  I won`t rely on Pre-Paid Legal in the future.
    Just my experience...
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    watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
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    datzpbzdatzpbz subscriber Posts: 0
    well I also have ppl myself, its a personal plan I have it out of necessity! but after reading a few posts,I believe every state offers different opitions and i live in wisconsin ,my price per month is 25 usd and i also can have up to 10 pages of documentation a year inspected for free! I think it depends on your state but over all i think its worth it, just my opinion! oh it also offers 25%discount on non covered issues!
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    CourtReporterNoMoreCourtReporterNoMore subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Checksyes, 
    I apologize to you for the person who involved you without explaining in full how the plan works.  Unfortunately, every business has good people and bad ones.  You, evidently, got one of the bad ones.  If an associate who truly cares about you and is not one who cares more about the money, he/she should have explained to you that if you don`t get satisfactory responses or you are not happy with the attorney whom you`ve spoke with, then YOU and nobody but you has the responsibility of calling Customer Service and telling them so.  If you don`t practice due diligence and the statute runs out, nobody is to blame but you.  Had you been responsible enough to take care of what you needed to the correct way (and it`s not hard) then you would have gotten the resolution you wanted and desired.  Customer Service would have immediatley gotten another attorney for you
    I have been a court reporter for 25 years and during my career, I have worked for attorneys who have willingly referred clients to PPL simply because they knew they couldn`t provide the service they needed without costing them money they didn`t have.  I don`t think anything speaks more highly of a group of attorneys than a recommendation from other lawyers who are not associated with PPL.  I urge you to give PPL another shot.  If you do your research in the materials you received, you will be able to recover from so many avenues just on day-to-day issues. In another area, I know from experience because I`ve used them so much, that anytime you can pick up the phone and get AN ATTORNEY, not a paralegal or a receptionist, on the phone in as little as 5 minutes, it`s a service worth millions.  Working for attorneys I know that if you have a conventional $200/hr attorney, you won`t get them to call you back for hours and sometimes days if they`re in Court, much less answer the phone.  PPL law firms are sitting there working on cases and waiting for a phone call from you, because YOU and only YOU are the concern of the attorneys at PPL.   I hope I`ve helped you understand the benefits of PPL.  I understand that there`s always going to be someone unhappy with a service or a product.  But usually those people are unhappy because they are uneducated in their purchase, such as your case.  Talk to the associate who signed you up and if you can`t get answers, call me.  I`ll be glad to help you.   I was so impressed with the service that I became an associate myself.    865-740-0164CourtReporterNoMore1/21/2009 9:08 AM
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