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Hi everyone,
I`m Jordan -- I`m starting a free newsletter about making money creatively.  It will start off w/a short, fun story from college (I am a senior at Indiana U), then there will be something written about a creative way to make money from my personal experience.  Finally, it will end with an exclusive product offer. 
Anyway, my question is, how do I get loyal subscribers in large quantities?  And I don`t want to just buy a list.  Oh, and if you are interested in joining, send an email to the address below and it will send you an email back.  click on the link to confirm.  Thanks.
 [email protected]


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    Acquiring loyal newsletter customers is hard to accomplish if you haven`t established your business identity, or credibility. What you need to do before you start firing off and cluttering people`s email with information is 1. Establish your business identity and credibility. 2. Hand out potential customer`s  your business card, make them aware that you exist. The least you want to do is invade people`s privacy (SPAM). You know what I do with unsolicited email? I add it to my black list, and block all their incoming email since I didn`t request it.
    On the other hand, if it`s a company that I want to know more about, then I take the time to open it and see what it`s about. Nuevolution12/30/2007 11:34 PM
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    Hey thanks for the advice everyone...
    to be honest I posted on this 8 months ago and then completely forgot about
    this forum.  Now I just stumbled upon it again and was pleasantly
    surprised at all the responses I got!
    Here is an update on my business in case you are curious:
    Unfortunately, I didn`t have time to start my online business like I planned to
    at school.  I basically put it off until a few weeks ago.  Now I live
    in Switzerland,
    teaching English.  The last few weeks I`ve been working  on the
    computer 6 hrs/a day (on top of my teaching job).  I have a website now, a
    growing list, a newsletter, and a blog.  It`s all still very new, (blog
    just started yesterday) but I`m sticking with it this time.  I`m selling
    an eBay guide I wrote and it`s only been out a couple weeks but selling quite
    well so far.
    A slight change -- my target market includes college students but isn`t
    explicitly targeting them (unfortunately college kids are cheap and don`t like
    paying for things)
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