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CRM similar to Salesforce ?

jlukasavigejlukasavige subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Marketing
I`m looking for something similar, but without the cost of $600 / month.  I only have 1, maybe 2 (for now) users.I`m B2C and I primarily want to track everything that goes on.  When I meet with a client and they sign up for a session, I want to be able to send them an email template (complete with attachments).Does anyone have any suggestions?I`ve checked out salesboom, crmtrak, pipeline, act, and appshore, but I haven`t found out if they do exactly what I need.  Feedback from anyone familiar with any of them would be great as well.Thanks!


  • RetiredMember2RetiredMember2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I totally think Appshore is awesome, they just did an upgrade and I understand there is more to come. The customer service is particularly awesome. They answer their phones, they will walk you right through.
    I have 80 plus clients to manage and it has been a really great experience, and I am finding new things all the time in it. I can send email, but it does not receive yet.
    The best test was in the winter I think when they were moving servers over the weekend. Everything went down and for a couple of days no one could get in. The owner was there answering the phones, and while he could not at the time tell me when things would be back (I think it took a couple of days) he was completely honest with me about what was happening and what he was doing. Lots of class!
  • jlukasavigejlukasavige subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks!  I`ll check them out.
  • jlukasavigejlukasavige subscriber Posts: 2
    Just found out that I can`t do what I want with AppShore.  I need a graphical display of my calendar when scheduling meetings.  I talked to them and they said maybe by the end of the year.  I`d also like to be able to sync with Outlook, which they don`t do at all.I`m small, but I deal with consumers, so I have about 15-20 new contacts each month.  I`d also like to be able to send email templates.Any more ideas?
  • klafranceklafrance subscriber Posts: 1
    How about a Virtual Assistant?  
    We use Central Desktop (centraldesktop.com) to handle online client files, tasks, calendar ... it does do some automatic emailing but not sure about email templates. It`s pretty affordable.
    Hope it helps.
  • jlukasavigejlukasavige subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks, but it doesn`t look like it handles contacts very well (or at least like SalesForce or the other CRM software) and I do need the ability to have email templates.I`m checking out vTiger right now, but it`s very techy and am having a few problems getting it running.I appreciate the help.
  • GreenbergGreenberg subscriber Posts: 0
    There are really 4 choices when it comes to CRM for small and medium size businesses:1) Salesforce.com2) Salesboom.com3) Netsuite4) RightNow Technologies.Salesboom.com being the most user friendly and cost effective software-as-a-service CRM solution..
  • DGoodinDGoodin subscriber Posts: 6
    I recently purchased two of the modules from the Tigerpaw CRM+ suite that they offer. The Contact management module and the Sales and Marketing module are both pretty much what I needed. The sales and Marketing module allow for the use of templates, and you can create marketing campaigns with it, as well as track those campaigns.
    I opted out of the Inventory and Service modules, mainly because I keep no inventory on hand (I drop ship from my manufacturer), and i don`t have a service department.
    I haven`t got the chance to dig too deeply into them as of yet (still working on my web site), so I can`t offer a complete opinion at this time.
    They do offer a chance for prospective buyers to attend a Live Demo via "Go To Meeting" software that gives a person a chance to view the product, how it works, and ask questions in a live format from one of their representatives.
    To view their web site, click v.asp
    and sp
    Being relatively new to the forum, I`m not sure if posting direct links like this is within the rules or not. If not, please excuse my ignorance, notify me, and I will remove the links.
    I am not in the employ of Tigerpaw software. I simply use their product, and find it to be what I needed. Your mileage may vary...
  • starrhornestarrhorne subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve heard people say good things about SugarCRM
  • jlukasavigejlukasavige subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions.  I think Sugar CRM was either too expensive for me, or it didn`t do what I need.
    I`ve been in France for the past few weeks, but when I get back I`ll check into these some.  Great suggestions; if there are any more, please post.
    I`ve started to play with vTiger, but it may be too complicated for me.
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