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Marketing kids/teens sports camps/leagues

jimbuckjimbuck subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2006 in Marketing
One of my main target markets for my developing business is kids 7-17 years old in an after-school racing camp/league.  I know my geographic footprint for this market, but need to find an effective method of spreading the word to this audience outside of cable TV and kiosk marketing in entertainment malls.
One of my ideas was to work with a high school teacher friend of mine to develop a physics/science class syllabus on the g-forces/energy transfer/etc of high performance go-karts.  He could help me promote this as a off-campus project promoted by physics/science teachers, thus spreading the word effectively.  Once they are in the race center, the word of mouth advertising begins! 
I`d like to do more.  Should I promote through local stores that serve this audience (and their parents)?  The results would be somewhat difficult to gauge. Perhaps some tie-in to driver safety promotions/assembly within schools?  I am brainstorming ideas, but I need to be comprehensive to make this soar.
Thanks in advance for your ideas!jimbuck2006-10-24 14:12:25


  • jmcauljmcaul subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Jimbuck,
    Have you looked into Register Tape Advertising? I am a representative for a well established provider of this highly targeted and cost effective form of advertising (though not in your area ) but I could locate the representative who does cover your area when you`re ready.
    Register Tape Advertising is highly targeted (you can advertise to 65-70% of households within a 5 mile radius of any of the supermarkets we work with). It is also very cost effective, under $6 per 1000, no direct mail, coupon packs or coupon catalogs, flyers etc. can even come close to our rates. AND, it is easily tracked, ie. you will know without a doubt about 12 to 24 weeks into your campaign how well it is working in pulling in new business and retaining existing customers.
    Our advertisers continuously report that they get the highest response with their programs and the most value for their advertising dollar by using our Register Tape advertising. If you would like more info, I can give you your local representatives name. A word of caution though, I find most inexperienced advertisers do not have a realistic idea of what a successful campaign can cost them up front. The question to ask yourself is not "how much will it cost me?", but "how much additional business can I expect to see as a result?" and prepare to invest seriously in growing your business no matter what stage of development you are in. Best of Success to You!
  • jimbuckjimbuck subscriber Posts: 2
    Hmmm...Never even thought about register tape.  I think it could be a potential adjunct to a number of different awareness solutions that I have in mind.  I guess my biggest concern is the fact that I never see these ads myself and I fit one segment of my target market.  However, for the kid connection it looks potentially promising.  Who can I talk to?
  • jmcauljmcaul subscriber Posts: 1
    In Western Washington, you can call my office and leave a message for me (800) 938-0083, or email me at www.fanfaremediaworks.com</A> and click on the link for Register Tape Advertising, it should give you an 800 number.
    Best of Success to you, let me know if you do a register tape program and share your results here. Thanks!
    Janet McAuliffe, Fanfare Media Works/RTN
  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Try to network with the schools. Try to sponsor an event at the school or help out with a PTA fundraiser or sponsor a little league team. You could also try to work out something as a fund raiser with a Boy Scout troop or a local church. 
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