Co-op Marketing with like minded businesses

jimbuckjimbuck subscriber Posts: 2
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In my developing business, I see a great deal of opportunity in developing co-op marketing with businesses that share my targeted customer.  Similar to shared internet links, this is more about local businesses helping to drive traffic for one another.
In an example, I am hoping to convince local auto dealerships to provide a "halo" or a tricked out example of one of their cars (with their dealer name prominately placed) to add ambiance to my indoor kart racing center.  In turn, I am eager to provide promotional laps to those customers that come in for a test drive for that dealer.  We both get something out of this (me: traffic, them: test drives), but I am really struggling with how to quantify the deal.  Maybe it is a straight trade, maybe not?  Any ideas?
Also, I`d like to enhance my revenue with advertising in my center.  It`ll be a very focused target market of action "x" games types, so I am sure it`ll be attractive to some businesses.  But what to charge for this is a mystery.  Any thoughts or benchmarks that you know I can work with?
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