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Best Start Up Idea Of 2009/2010

jhplat5685jhplat5685 subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hey hows it going! I recently inherited a good amount of money and I am interested in investing this money in a start up, that way I can run my own business. I am 21 so this will be my first owned business. My question is for this time and era or in the near future, what is a good, profitable, safe business to start up?
Examples: tanning salon, gym, online business to consumers, real estate.- Joe 


  • ebizmanebizman subscriber Posts: 0
    There are many great ideas. Typically, if done right, online is your best bet to start with. you can start making money with a relativley low amount of capital. I would recommend you hiring an internet business start-up consultant (just google the phrase, you will find some people) as for the money you pay them, they will save you tens of thousands of dollars and save you a lot of time. Many times they will have good ideas for you to implement.
  • ElementalUnityElementalUnity subscriber Posts: 3
    I totally agree with Chris that MLM is a great way to learn experience in the business.  And it is relatively cheap.  The one I joined cost only $400, and although I don`t actively promote my network marketing product like Chris does... I picked one that allowed me to co-exist with my online businesses very well.  I have signed up many people just by about my daily business.  I now make a little over $3k a month with this company, and this is residual income, I don`t even do anything to get it.  Well besides if one of my downline is having trouble.
    If I didn`t have my other businesses that make me more, I probably would promote network marketing actively, just because of what it has done for me. 
  • ElementalUnityElementalUnity subscriber Posts: 3
    Hey Chris...
    I would be more than happy to talk with you about all of the MLMs out there not just mine.  As I stated I don`t actively do my business, I use it to help out my business.  The great thing about my business is that it isn`t just for a select few people, in fact I try not to even go after people that are "in it for the business" when I do work on the business I go after exsisting business owners.  Do you belong to any other forums that specialize in MLM? 
    Anyway here is some ways to contact me...
    AIM - elementaltags
    Yahoo Messenger - elemental_unity
    MSN - [email protected]
    Skype - ElementalUnity
    Google Talk - [email protected]
    Add me to whatever I usually have them all running 24/7
  • ElementalUnityElementalUnity subscriber Posts: 3
    Here is what I know about `Top Tier`
    Top tier opportunities completely remove the human equation and
    replace it with a system that handles the entire sales process from
    beginning to end. No longer is it necessary for the home business
    entrepreneur to even talk to leads all on the phone.
    With a top
    tier opportunity  the sales process starts with a prospect visits a
    lead capture webpage and submit their information. The prospect`s
    e-mail address goes into an auto-responder (which will e-mail the
    prospect on a daily basis) and then they are directed to additional
    sales copy including a video. This video provides a little bit more
    information but just enough to get the prospect even more excited about
    the opportunity available. This webpage that guides the prospect to
    traditional video which explains why the that business is the answer
    they have been looking for .
    After the prospect has watched the
    videos and read the sales copy which includes testimonials they can
    submit an application for a fee in order to be considered for the
    business and find out exactly what the complete business is about. This
    fee and application process is typically to separate the tire kickers
    from serious prospects who are interested in making money.
    the prospect submits an application they are put into the system where
    a professional salesperson will give them a call to answer any
    questions they might have about the business and get them signed up.
    beginning to end of the Top Tier sales process the entrepreneur doesn`t
    have to lift a finger. The only real responsibility of the entrepreneur
    is advertising and marketing the website.Full training is usually given
    and in most cases you get all you will need delivered to your door to
    start successfully promoting your business online . The system is then
    supposed to take over and do all the selling for you.
    By the way your site looks, you are trying to do just that.  I really can`t tell you which of the Top Tier programs out there is the best.  But I can give you a few forums that are great for network marketers. 
    Scam.com - yes this also used for other things but if you go to the MLM scams, there are a lot of people in there that will help you.
    BetterNetworker.com - great site owned by Mike Dillard the author of magnetic sponsoring, great product.  There are a lot of great marketers here.
    But if you want more of my opinions shoot me a line.
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I think starting a brick and mortar business is down to earth but don't expect to make a lot of money in the short term as the limitation is the start up cost and low scalability.
  • KevinGeKevinGe subscriber Posts: 0
    Be a webpreneur. Find a demand and be the supply to that demand.
    A demand: to buy goods at cheaper prices. The supply: web based business
  • 1847formen1847formen subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    As per global trends demand for barbershops are on the rise as the industry’s revenue over the past 5 years has increased at an annualized rate of 5.3% to an estimated $4.9 billion, including a 1.3% rise in 2020. Opening of barbershop or hair salon franchise is a sound investment in today’s economy.

    If you’re interested to get into male grooming sector, there is an exclusive opportunity to own an 1847 Men's Salon. The world’s number one male spa and men’s hair salon franchise, 1847, is offering an exclusive opportunity to be a part of their expanding family of men’s grooming franchises.

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