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U.S. Patented Guitar Technology needs finance

AudioPatentsAudioPatents subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Elevator Pitches
have patent(s) and working prototypes of a rechargable coardless guitar
and on/off stand....like your phone at home,  I need a business
partner.           & a


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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    Take a look at the thread "End of my Rope".  Why not take the prototype to a Guitar Center store and see if you can secure an order from them?  An acquaintane I know got an order for 10,000 devices he invented and now having it manufactured.  Obviously he needs to fund mfg some how but he does, keeping in mind bank would lend money upon such a purchase order.
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    hardknocksmbahardknocksmba subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m confused about the value proposition. Companies like Shure already sell wireless systems to link the guitar to the amp without a cable. Why would a guitarist want to use your product instead of a wireless transmitter that just plugs into their favorite guitar? Do I completely misunderstand what you have? If you are going to get anyone interested, you will need to present absolutely clearly why this is something folks have to have.The musical instrument industry is remarkably conservative and tradition bound, so if you want to get something going you REALLY need to focus on why this is a must have.If you can get me excited (and that`s hard, because I`m a dyspeptic, phlegmatic old coot), I know tons of people from my ten years around the industry. Otherwise, the 2007 Anaheim NAMM show starts on January 18th. Everyone you might want to meet will be there. While it`s pretty expensive to exhibit, it`s cheap to get a pass to walk the floor. Refine your elevator pitch, and try to get meetings with folks who might be potential licensees or partners.
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