Marketing Idea if you are in Sales

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Here is an idea for Sales Professionals.
Get in touch with the owner of a restaurant located near an office park
 / commercial area.
Explain to him about your business and how you would like to
place a fishbowl on his counter with a sign inviting people to join
their "e-mail lunch club" by dropping their business cards or filling
out a form that you provide ( you want their e-mail)
You will stop by once or twice a week to pick up the business cards
and build the list.
You will e-mail this list once or twice a week with the restaurant specials
and perhaps a free lunch raffle once a month.
The e-mail for this list will contain a spot for a "Sponsor" which will be you advertising Your product and service.
- You are helping the restaurant owner get more customer and possibly
join your company.
- You will be putting your message in front of an ever growing list of people on a regular basis and building trust.
This would require a little sweat at first but once everything is set up. an hour or two per week + $ 15-20 dollar lunch once a month will reward you
with a captive "Professional" audience.
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