Improvement on Japanese beauty/bath product

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Hi all,This is my first time posting to this forum so please forgive me if I'm going about it the wrong way!I have a few ideas on how to improve and market a Japanese beauty product to appeal to consumers in the U.S. but am not sure what the next steps I should take would be. The product is basically a type of bath towel and already has a U.S. patent. Does anyone have experience working with or proposing business ideas to Japanese (or Asian) manufacturers? I'm not sure where to begin! This may be a very, very dumb question but I was wondering if it was feasible to purchase their patented material (nylon/polyester blend) wholesale and then incorporate the design features here myself and sell. Do I need to partner with them or is that "stealing" their product? I basically want to use their patented towel material to create a line of bath products.Since it already has a U.S. patent, would I need to file another one to protect the improved product? (I would just like to make a few, minor design changes and change the packaging).Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice you can provide--it'll be greatly appreciated!


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