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I`m new!

jessieb578jessieb578 subscriber Posts: 6
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Hello everyone! I`m new here and am aspiring to start a business. I work full time now, am actually opening a cake shop in my town, but I definitely aspire for the bigger picture. 
I found a product that I did not invent, but I believe with the right name and marketing could be a great seller.  I have even found a manufacturer, came up with a name and even have the money to invest in it.  It`s just the matter of how to get things going and putting it all together to work. I don`t even know where to start! I`m hoping here I can get some tips and maybe even help others along the way.
My passion is cakes....my dream is big business!!


  • jessieb578jessieb578 subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks so much, it looks like a really great place for all who are smart, have ambition and are willing to share!  I look forward to being a part!
  • jessieb578jessieb578 subscriber Posts: 6
    Sure! I`m so nervous about giving my idea away - trust me it`s probably not a billion dollar idea or anything, but I don`t know the rules to this site about speaking of your idea.
    In any event, this product is something that is manufactured already in China. When speaking with that manufacturer they said that they can in fact manufacture this product with my logo on it and I can sell it under my name.  Probably the same way that some companies make the store brand and a brand name from the same product, different packaging.
    Does this make any sense? I found it actually out of necessity and found that the product does in fact exist, it`s just not something widely sold here -which I think if people knew it existed and could find it readily that it would sell.  My daughter who is 6 has lupus and I was looking online for some UV protectant bathing suits and related items. I thought to myself, why don`t they make "this" and in fact upon a search, they did make it in China and in fact it sells widly around the world, just not something so specific here.
    Again, being new to this site, I don`t want to put my idea out there....as I`m still in research phases. When speaking with the manufacturer, they said they can print this item with my logo and I can sell it. I guess at that point it would be a trademark issue, rather than a patent?
    Not too sure...
  • jessieb578jessieb578 subscriber Posts: 6
    Well in all honesty Craig, I`m not quite sure how to do market research! I consider myself part of the market being I was looking for it myself, but I am certainly not a good market indicator. 
    Is this where I would be the non-disclosure statement and start talking to people to see if they`d sell/and or buy it??
    Good point about shipping costs...hadn`t asked that question just yet.
  • SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Welcome to SuN! We are glad that you have joined the community. Wishing you good luck on your plans, hope it would be a fruitful success.
  • jessieb578jessieb578 subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks Craig!
    You make a lot of great points. I`m definitely going to get out there and start asking people. I have talked to friends and family who have all so far thought it was a great idea.
    I`m going to get on some forums for people who have lupus, skin cancers, sun allergies and places where people are just health conscious and start asking away. I`m also going to ask my daughter`s rheumatologist. I think he would be a great indicator as to the need of my item in the market.
    Thanks for redirecting my thoughts as far as someone stealing my product!  I`m pretty sure you`re right that people don`t want to do all of the leg work for my product that I am so passionate about.
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Welcome to SUN! My mom once dreamed of opening a cake shop. I think she`s changed her mind now though, and wants to open a dog kennel. I still think she should do the cake, though
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