Introduction from PA Burbs

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Hi all!  I am glad I stumbled across this site.  A lot of great tips and ideas.
I am involved with two ventures.  The newest one is a Freight Data Services company called Everything Freight LLC (  We provide a load auction board, a suite of agents and data reports.  We also are gathering on the largest,continuously updated, DOT databases around and supply a whole range of accident, insurance, inspection data.  We have a couple of lead generation tools for Insurance companies now, that provide weekly emails of all newly registered DOT companies in a state or region.
Also, in my spare time, I am also a consultant for my personal business Silva Tech Solutions (  My specialities are application development, hardware consulting, and general tech "fire-jumping".  I really enjoy data-mining/processing jobs, but they are rare and in-between (hence my starting a company to work with it...)


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