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I want to start a internet business

msjena64msjena64 subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Selecting a Business
I want to Sell custom invitations and stationary.  There are so many great invitation manufacturers and designs  !!  I`m excited about getting started but only if I knew how to start !


  • PiratePirate subscriber Posts: 3
    Well msjena64,
    Firstly, you should exactly know about your target market. Businessess? or Personal Customers? Do some research on existing competion. After that, you can consult with Yahoo Business Internet package. They can help you kickstart with low costs coupled with marketing for your new business
  • maryglennmaryglenn subscriber Posts: 1
    I have a friend that started out in her home.  She got her name out by going to trade shows, bridal shows, etc.  Then, she opened her own stationery store called, "You`re Invited."  Very cute stuff.
  • msjena64msjena64 subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve done some invitations for family and friends but I want to initially start with just getting my name out there to get more clientele.    I`d eventually also want a stationary store, but first things first huh ? 
    Question,  If I`m selling from my home and ordering the cards from the manufactorer and then sending to the client, do I have to have a tax id ?
  • maryglennmaryglenn subscriber Posts: 1
    I don`t know anything about this, but I would think you would.  I don`t think getting a tax ID costs much.  Maybe $50 or so.  Plus, you can use that tax ID for other things, like if you wanted to buy t-shirts wholesale, etc. OR you can get into Market.  My mom has a little antique business and we went to the market in Atlanta just to shop.
    Plus, the tax ID might really, really inspire you to move full speed ahead with your business!
    Go for it!
  • RetiredMember4RetiredMember4 subscriber Posts: 1
    You don`t need a tax id to sell. But companies that sell to resellers will
    require one sometimes. You can register to get a free Tax Id number
    directly with the IRS. Go to IRS.gov and print out the form. Hope this helps
    and good luck to you!startupattorney2007-5-4 16:29:22
  • msjena64msjena64 subscriber Posts: 1
    Just read about a resale license:
    A resale License is required if you sell retail or wholesale taxable items.. I have a tax id that I applied for years ago, but I think I might need a resale license.. Hmmm
     msjena642007-5-4 17:50:15
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