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Break into Venture Capital investing for $20.00

ideabreakerideabreaker subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2008 in Startup Funding
ideabreaker.com is offering SuN members an exclusive chance  to start a career in private equity investment for as little as $20.00! ! !  Just go to our fundable.com page right here, and pledge whatever amount you are comfortable with.  In return for your generosity and good will, ideabreaker.com is offering a full 100% return on your investment.  If you pledge $20.00 you will recieve $40.00, if you pledge $2500.00 you will recieve $5000.00.  And we are not talking about a seven year exit either. 
A painless entrance into private equity funding, a full 100% return on your financial investment, the knowledge and prestige associated with being at the forefront of a paradigm shift in innovation.  All starting at only $20.00.  Do the right thing!
Thank you very much.  For more information click here.


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    A very interesting concept - the fundable web site.
     I hope you have consulted with an experienced securities attorney.
  • ideabreakerideabreaker subscriber Posts: 2
    Our process(s) for the management and dissemination of proprietary information is tantamount to our success.  The truth of the matter is that in the fractured business of product development and intellectual property acquisition, our model is significantly "new".  Meaning that through roughly 600 hours of research, we have not found one company engaging in a model which is in any way similar to what we are proposing.  That being said, it is tantamount that we shroud our business processes and our models efficacy from the "public".  We thoroughly research every individual or collective entity that we allow access to our detailed materials.  If anyone would like more information, we would be more than happy to provide it in a secure arena.
    Thank you for your support, it is most appreciated.
    Jeffrey Lyons
    President/ COO
    ideabreaker corp.
  • ideabreakerideabreaker subscriber Posts: 2
    No Steve, if i was the proprietor of fundable.com, i would be giving the advice not seeking it!
    As for Robert`s comment, I am confused as well.  Seems to be quite the pessimist.  You would think that a guy who lived in the home of the "scalable business plan" and the "quickstart capital program" would be a tad bit happier.  But then again his website looks as though it was constructed on the Arpanet.  Maybe Robert is getting old.
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Both the Federal government and the States have laws and regulations covering the sale of securities - whether public or private.
    My message was/ is - you really should consult with an expert on this area, because having "visits" from the SEC is annoying and an order of rescission can damage your business.
    Sorry if caution sounds pessimistic.
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