Goldilocks syndrome. . .

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Our company has gotten further than I ever would have imagined by utilizing nothing other than our own finances, time, and energy.  But we have, like most startups, arrived at the funding impasse`.  Chasing capital can be an unsettling enterprise in and of itself, but things are further complicated by the Goldilocks syndrome.  Our financial needs are not great enough to garner the attention of any VC`s that we have contacted (regardless of their enthusiasm about the concept) because they just don`t make investments under x amount of dollars.  But conversely our needs seem to be too great for any individual investors locally.  We have been encouraged by several knowledgeable people to just build out our cost analysis and go after big money, but I feel like that is disingenuous, and besides that our research says that we can become fully operational, and profitable with only $114k.
Any thoughts or advice would be incredible.ideabreaker5/17/2008 12:12 AM


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    Acquiring external capital can be a frustrating and time consuming experience especially for early-stage companies whose needs are between $200K and 2M. That`s why we started our business.
    The good news is that there many ways to bring capital into a business depending upon the specific situation. We`ve found that success involves choosing your optimum capital strategy; getting properly and fully prepared, then following a proven process.
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