How to get from Point A to Point C

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So, I`ve had the idea.  Done.  Now I`ve done the research, and I have built a prototype.  How do I go from this step to having something finished to sell?
My problem is I have a working prototype, but it really should be built out of some different materials in places, or maybe there are some changes that would make it better.  I keep thinking of the 3M commercial where they say we don`t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better. 
Is this the point where I need to use a development company?  And how much will that cost me?  Or should I just try to continue myself?  Here`s an example of a problem.  I am using a piece of wood in place of what probably should be an injection mold plastic.  I just don`t want to go bankrupt trying to get this marketable.  Maybe I just don`t know the suppliers that can make custom pieces at a cheap low rate. 
Also, if I follow my dream, it`s not to sell the idea to another company, it`s to own the company myself.  Thanks.


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