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Can A Sole Proprietor LLC Hire an Independant Contractor?

HolycowHolycow subscriber Posts: 1
I started out a year ago as a "sole proprietor LLC" and the business
has been slowly picking up steam.. I didn`t think I`d need another
person.. but it`s looking that way. Can I hire an independent
contractor to handle my overflow.. I have not talked to a lawyer about
this yet.. but I suppose it will have to be done..  I guess I will
eventually have to hire some help.. so I should eventually change from
"sole proprietor LLC" to some other classification?
Any words of wisdom?


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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    Yep. You can hire an independent contractor while running a sole proprietorship (or an LLC taxed as a sole proprietorship). No need to incorporate or anything like that just to hire some help.You`ll want to do a little research on how you can make sure your independent contractor help doesn`t end up being classified as an employee. This FAQ on the IRS`s site is a good place to start.
    PiperTax2007-8-31 21:21:45
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