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How to Build Traffic?

magnetsmagnets subscriber Posts: 1
There are millions of websites.  The search engines favor some over time and other websites have money to play search engine games as search engines change their ranking formula.
My original Fastpitch website was ranked highly in many search engines before PPC programs arose.  Now other websites are ranked higher.  So, I said to hell with the search engines.
I decided instead to add PPC to as many topics as possible.  I bought some article sites and I`ve added, and continue to add, other self-created article sites.
Now for the hard part.  How do I get traffic that is really interested in reading website articles?
I need to find a marketing guru that does not need to rely upon search engines.  How do we build a network of interested online readers?  http://www.aviongoo.com/shopping_mall/</A> could pull in $25,000 a day if the proper mix of interested readers could be assembled.


  • magnetsmagnets subscriber Posts: 1
    P.S. And, yes, I have used XML, RSS, Google sitemap, robot.txt, AdWords, AdSense, Google analytics, and I used to use every new technique that was introduced.  I still use them and many more.
    However, only one thing is important and that is building traffic.  The more links I get out for http://www.fairtaxu.com</A>, and many other websites the better.  So far that has been the only effective way I have built traffic.  For some of my smaller websites that have few links and little activity - I still occasionally see that someone has visited and exposed the advertising.
  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    About getting traffic.
    I have had well over 6,000,000 visitors to my web pages in the past two years.
    I do not really care where they come from it is the volume I want. Why,  because if you have volume and the cost is low you will make sales and money.
    For some ideas how to get traffic visit my Help To Succeed page.
  • GoldMountainMiningGoldMountainMining subscriber Posts: 4
    Big topic.  I can only comment on how I got our site to 1 million-plus page views a year.

    We sell stuff.  Ever item page is unique, built by hand, with each
    one optimized to capture one, specific search phrase.  One page /
    item might be "custom cowboy buckle" and another might be "custom
    cowboy belt buckle".  There are many excellent articles on
    building pages to achieve great organic (free) search results at

    It`s a lot of work to build a big shopping website by hand but it`s
    proven most effective for us.  We`ve put plenty o` money into paid
    placement like Google AdWords and others.  For us, it`s money down
    the toilet.  This might have something to do with our specific
    audience or it might have to do with our very narrow key-phrase

    Good luck!
  • DesignCaddyDesignCaddy subscriber Posts: 3
    We`ve put plenty o` money into paid placement like Google AdWords and others.  For us, it`s money down the toilet.  This might have something to do with our specific audience or it might have to do with our very narrow key-phrase targeting. 
    It also might have to do with 1) your competition clicking your links to check your prices or drive up your costs or 2) click fraud by people who don`t care about your products but needed to fund their blogs.... 
    I believe that Google will take a big hit over the next year or so because their search relevance to the average user has been sold to advertisers and the relevance to advertisers has suffered due to click fraud.
    I`m not predicting googles doom, they will chug along just like microsoft does, but a niche has been opened to a competitor who can solve these problems.....
  • GoldMountainMiningGoldMountainMining subscriber Posts: 4

    FYI, I tried checking out your website this a.m. but it was down.
  • kyliptixkyliptix subscriber Posts: 0

    How to Build Traffic?
    Do not do following:
    1. Do not: submit your site to free-search engine because you will receive 100s of spam!
    2. Do not believe seo company if they say: we will submit your site to 1000s search engines since Google, msn, aol, yahoo are 95% of market.
    for startups I advise:
    1. study your meta tags well, select your website contents carefully.
    2. try traffic blazer for 1 year it helps setting up your site  sp?prog_id=domainsign&ci=1787&se=%2b&login=& target=secure_transfer.asp
    also you can try https://adwords.google.com/select/Login</A> and even better when you have the resource and can afford advertising do advertise where your customers are e.g. we Kyliptix advertise at magazine talk about Business Automation & CRM...
    Remember: Traffic will build itself if you work hard !!!
    Nothing can succeed without hard work..!!
  • Christine8Christine8 subscriber Posts: 1
    There is a a lot of confusion about search engine optimization (SEO).
    Some people seem to believe that SEO is nothing more than tricking
    search engines into giving a high ranking for a particular site. Others
    think that search engine optimization is so complex that they could not
    possibly understand it. Neither of these views are true. Search engine
    optimization is best defined as the art and science of building web
    pages that are based on market research and build search engine
    friendly.Find a free SEO beginners guide here.
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