I need some advertising advice, I am just starting out.

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Hey Everyone,I am a college student and I just started a website called scholarpreps.com. It is a website designed to help students learn what it takes to move on to play collegiate sports. The target audience is the parents of these students, but I also expect for the students themselves to look at the site for advice also.  I was wondering if anyone has advice for me on how to market my site and how to attract companies to advertise on my site! Thanks!!


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    The webstie is more directed at high school students who want to get to the next level and play collegiate sports and the parents of those students.
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    The revenue model is strictly through advertising, at least that is my goal.  Joining the site will be free in terms of our newsletter that may come out soon.  I hope to interest companies that may want to advertise on scholarpreps when the site gets enough hits.
    Thank you all for your suggestions it has really helped a lot
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