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Ok, so here`s the thing. I have been in software sales and marketing, successfully, for 3 years now.  Officially in sales, but with marketing duties.
I discovered a passion and natural gift in the area of launching companies with creative strategic vision planning, product marketing and management, etc. 
I am trying to establish a name for myself in the business development, product management, strategic development field and to do so, I am offering no cost assistance in the areas of:, well....simply put, I specialize in getting your company off the ground!
Seriously, there is no catch.  Except that what you have be a viable product preferably a software product, and that your company has some capital to invest in the implementation of the strategies I propose (if you feel them to be good ideas!). 
All I ask for in return is perhaps payment after you start making money, maybe a full time position at that point, or at least for you to be a reference I can name on my resume.
I will only be helping as many companies pro bono as 1) I can handle part time, and 2) as I need to.  Once I have established a reference base, I will begin charging for my services.
Josh Campbell
[email protected]


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