Uniform Franchise Offering Circular

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My wife is looking at a home-based business that happens to be a franchise.  She talked to the regional manager (herself a franchisee) who praised the company.  My wife was then referred by her to the corporate HQ.   She emailed the company and requested information and a copy of the UFOC.  The company told her she would have to pay a $90 information fee to receive this.    Is this a common practice among franchisors?Thanks,-Top
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    Paying for the UFOC is NOT common practice at all.  Seems like your wife may be getting into something she wont want to be involved in.
    I bought a franchise several years ago.  Before I bought it, I checked into literally dozens of franchises and got UFOC on them.  I also physically visited a number at their headquarters.
    There`s tons and tons of franchises available, just don`t ever pay for a UFOC if you decide to get involved in one.
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