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Hi all!

I`m about ready to incorporate my business-to-be and I`m wondering
about incorporating my online retail business using an online corporation

My business will see sales nearly entirely from outside my state (New
York). I know it isn`t ideal but it`s where I must live until I can afford to
leave and move, either to Vermont or Canada, until I`m rich enough from
my enterprise to be able to buy a townhouse off Fifth Avenue.

I`ve thought to incorporate in Delaware but I`m concerned that it`s fairly
pointless seeing as I won`t be able to leave New York for a while unless
this thing takes off beyond my wildest expectations.

My lawyer and acccountant friends suggested just doing a Delaware LLC
through a good online firm for now and if things get big then I could
always sell this company to another one domiciled in another state (or
even country). As I`m bootstrapping this thing for now, it seems to make

Any thoughts or suggestions or questions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!JasonEls2007-1-22 18:12:42


  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    My recommendation would be to run everything under one incorporated business to get started. There is no reason to spend all kinds of money for what would technically be 2 different businesses with twice the tax paperwork, etc.. when it is still a "business-to-be." 
  • JasonElsJasonEls subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks efoozle! However there is no second company now. Right now I have no inc. at all.
  • katscoolcorner1katscoolcorner1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Go to,
    you can incorporate easily, and they have template driven steps to complete all your legal processes, Then they have a very nice and finished document that will be printed for you in a neat legal fashion.  Very professional.  Great customer services.  I have incorporated, made wills, copywrited, trade marked etc.  kat
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