FDA and home based food biz

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I would like to start a business that involves purchasing wholesale loose tea
and packaging it myself. I`m not processing or manufacturing any food,
simply packaging. Does anyone know what FDA requirements or licenses I
would need to get?


  • jennn721jennn721 subscriber Posts: 2
    Oh wow! It`s the dippy chick! I`ve read about your company and was quite impressed!
    Thanks for the advice, Elids. I suppose I am doing some type of processing. I`m familiar with labeling requirements though as I`ve created them for other companies before.
    I`ve been in contact with a couple of private label manufacturers, but I`m finding them to be too expensive for what I want to do. I want to offer loose tea in personalized tea tins (among other novelty items). But if I do the packaging and graphic design myself, I can create them for a $1.00 and mark them up 100%. Keeping the price as low as possible is crucial as I`m targeting mainly brides who don`t have large budgets.
    In the food licensing article, it says you can`t have an establishment in a private home, but then it says it can exist in rooms completely partitioned from the living, sleeping, or food areas. I believe you can have it in a finished basement or garage solely dedicated to the business.
    I`m not sure what I`m going to do from here, but I`m determined to make it work.
    Thanks for the help!
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