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investor seeks apprentice!

jamesbizjamesbiz subscriber Posts: 1
make  10k - 20k  a month!
Make money or Excuses,  Not Both!


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    paul2145rpaul2145r subscriber Posts: 5
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    ...of course I am interested too. but so far you haven`t given any information.
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    admanadman subscriber Posts: 3
    it seems to me that they are charging for the idea.  and if they give you the info up front you won`t need to buy it from them.
    it`s a catch 22
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    jamesbizjamesbiz subscriber Posts: 1
    people! people! lol! let me get you this info before you guys get the wrong idea. ok!   the name of the company is Nouveau Riche (  that means the new rich in french) and they are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Nouveau Riche is an educational company that teaches people how to successufully invest in real estate ( not your average siminar GURUS, this is college). They are arguably the best in the country at what they do and they are the only real estate investing  education company with a credit recommendation form the Amerian Council on Education. That means Nouveau Riche students can apply for credit  transfer at any oneof almost 1100 Colleges and Universities nation wide.What they`ve created is nothing short of remarkable and the results have been staggering. This company helps create millionares. ( OH YEAH! students get deals while they are learning. Nouveau riche will find, fund, fix, tenant and manage those properties for their students. Can you say RESIDAUL INCOME. earn while you learn!)
    Here`s what it means to you! They need  help to get  the word out and find new students, but they don`t operate like most typical companies. In Nouveau Riche they dont hire their marketers as employees; instead they bring them on as independent  business owners that works with them to help enroll individuals in their educational programs. This keeps their overhead down and allows them to shift most of the profit to their independent marketers who makes 10k - 20k a month ( each independent marketer makes 50% of a student`s tuition).
    This means that you dont have to enroll a lot to be making a ton of money ; it allows you to work from home, set your own hours, work part time or  full time and enjoy all of the tax breaks that goes along with being in charge. Plus, in the process of marketing this  education you will also be learning how to invest in real estate  and make money as a successfull Real estate Investor.
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    AtlanticRealEstateAtlanticRealEstate subscriber Posts: 0
    Investors wanted for a commercial real estate opportunity in affluent Midwestern city.
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    PassivecashflowPassivecashflow subscriber Posts: 0
    Scrapbizkim,Wow, where does all this energy come from?  They must have done something pretty low, dishonest and outright criminal for me to hear all this energy coming through.  I understand what it`s like to put your trust and faith into someone or something and only later to find out it was fluffed up information or just a lie.  That`s why I work for myself, I fired my boss.I don`t know what your experience is with the people who run these ads, but what is it about them or what they do makes it a scam?  I`d love for you to share that with me, I`d like to know what they do. Simply you can`t think that because some silly road signs are hand written, not printed.  I`ve been in advertising and marketing for a while Kim, and to be honest with you, hand written signs get better responses, and the printers take a while with the signs.  I`ll pay the neighbors daughters to write signs up for me much cheaper, and they`ll get it done quicker.  So why pay more for less quality and quantity of responses??  Sounds simple to me, no matter what kind of money I have.  How is a billboard different from a Roadsign other than being a different form of advertising?  However you can get a message across that works, works.   Why so cynical Kim?  What is your cynisism (sp?) doing for you?  If you don`t like the opportunity, find one you do and make it better than the ones you don`t like!  I think that would be the absolute best way to show how terrible it was, if in fact you dislike it that much.  It sounds like this gentleman`s opportunity is dualistic.  Make money sharing the product with others, and learn how to invest in Real Estate.  Sounds like some nice change to go out and buy some houses with, that`s for sure.  I certainly wouldn`t buy from somebody who doesn`t own the education, or any product they`re selling me.  How on earth would the school exist if it didn`t have students, paying for tuition?  I`m pretty sure the American Council on Education has a lot of hoops to jump through, something that would require a company to have some money.  I don`t know what you know about the company, but what he is saying and what you are saying, aren`t quite sounding the same.  As far as direct sales and business opportunities, your right, not everybody has what it takes to be successful in those ventures.  I mean gosh, isn`t that any business?  Any business, traditional or whatever, has 5 or 6 that fail for every 1 that makes it.  Challenge me if you want, I don`t know the exact number, but my point is for every person  who is successful in business, many more fail.  That`s life, get used to it.  Why would any company promote failure? Why would you?  So they can bring about more failure?  You know, I`ve tried failure, and it just wasn`t for me.  You know, to a real leader, in their mind, other`s failure does not determine their success or perish, only their own efforts will. What good would an average income figure do?  Show you how average that you can be?  Sorry, that`s not good enough for me.I checked out your website, Kim.  Please, tell me how what you have is any different from any other direct sales or network marketing opportunity?  That`s exactly what it looked like, especially after you badmouthing so much on here.  I think they are wonderful types of business opportunities, even Robert Kiyosake endorses network marketing and home-based businesses.  Sounds like his opportunity fits the right side of the cashflow quadrant.  You know Kim, it`s funny.  I hate to see people fail (not funny), but look at some of the destructive attitudes people have.  One of my mentors in business is from Utah, and they did a survey on how people thought they would become rich.  Guess what the top 3 ways were?  Lottery, Inheritance, Suing somebody.  Guess what?  There`s no lottery in Utah!  People just expect something to fall into their lap, they don`t want to take the responsibility to make sure they are successful!  They want to blame it on others!It`s probably not for you, Kim.  Sounds like your just out there to badmouth everything else to make you look good, or just can`t handle the idea of success and have to badmouth it, and like the drama.  If you don`t like the opportunity, don`t get involved!  It`s that simple!  Why drag everybody else down?  Actually, now that I think about it, it`s definetly not for you.  Enjoy what you currently do, because with that terrible attitude, you`ll probably be doing it forever. 
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