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Building business around another business

azbusinessazbusiness subscriber Posts: 12
edited July 2011 in Business Planning
What im looking at doing is launching a social network which makes money through conventions and so forth which is around a company which manufacturers items which people collect
I have seen this done by a lot of companies in various
sectors however they target a category for "example: Comic Books", not a company / brand in
particular "example: Marvel Comics".I am aware about trademarks and not using the company name in your business but is it wise to build a business around another business? My concern is not about the company not becoming hot anymore however more the legal aspect that the company can shut my business down.


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    johndiv23johndiv23 subscriber Posts: 1
    If your launching your own brand and sell comics from other known brands like Marvel for example is going to get you in trouble because of trademark or copyrights. But for example your just selling your old comic books which is just a small business, I think its safe to sell them.
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    ShyEntrepreneurShyEntrepreneur subscriber Posts: 1
    While a demand may exist because of another company you should build your company around a need, not someone's solution. Businesses exist to solve problems, even the one that you are thinking about building a business around.
    Take App software companies for example. They may build a solution around something specific to the Iphone but they soon release the same solution for the Droid.
    Hope that helps.
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