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Hey guys,
We just launched our site and we`d like to create a
simple experience.

After a quick look through the site, would you be able to
answer the questions below?

* What does our product do?
* What does it cost to subscribe?
* What is an example use case?
* Did you see a screenshot?
* Did you think "hey this is neat"?

We truly appreciate any feedback (good or bad).

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  • minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    I think the look of the website is good.  I did see the screen shot and I think it was about $10 to join.  I was like Craig that I had to look to a second page to figure out what it was.  On  your homepage you said that it would reduce clutter and I`m not sure how it would do that.  I think if you have more than one person at different locations who need to access files, etc. it could be a nice service.  I liked the part about planting the trees too.
  • isquiresisquires subscriber Posts: 1
    I appreciate you taking a look Tracy.

    We`re trying to build it out for those in professional
    services, as a way for them to interface with clients (or
    a distributed team).

    Our web designer came up with the tree suggestion - I
    really like the idea as well.
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