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Blogger? then critique this

bloggersmosaicbloggersmosaic subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2008 in Website Critique
check my startup if you are blogger , or related to blogospherebloggersmosaic : the face of blogosphere
be honest and say it...


  • redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    I agree.  You need some kind of context.  A picture of a blogger doesn`t tell me much about what they blog about.  Sure they might be cute - but are they worth reading?  Especially with browsers like Safari where there is no status bar at the bottom of the screen to tell you where the link goes.
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m a blogger, not famous, not rich but I do make a living at it.
    This is the thing, because I do make a living blogging, I`m interested in concepts, ideas and programs that transcend my level. In order to have confidence in a resource, the entity should be better than me, a standard I can aspire to emulating. While not everyone is perfect, one admitedly cursory way I assess entities like yours is quite effective; does the site get the basics right? Iow, are there obvious spelling, grammar or punctuation errors present? My thinking is that if the site can`t get the simple, little things right -by hiring a low cost, readily available copy editor- then the site is not likely to have the resources to manage the elements that truly matter and moreover, that details (in a notoriously geeky venue) are not weighted with the gravity they deserve nor the resources those priorities require. Since your service is fee-based, it`s an issue of consumer confidence. For example, you write on the site:To be honest the rich part bloggersmosaic
    can`t help you %100..don`t get me wrong yes your blog income will
    increase , as nutural cause of traffic increase. But the famous part
    yes you will be famous more than the bloggers who are n`t in
    bloggersmosaic.Other than that the claims made are open to debate because there are likely more effective mediums to promote a blog (i.e. your competitors), content reigns in generating traffic.
    Then I look at claims made, are they misleading? I`d suggest that this one is:Imagine if you could have a link on the first page of social sites like Digg for a single day... it would drive an amazing amount of traffic and loyal readers. Sounds
    nice, right? Well, now think about staying on that front page FOREVER!
    The amount of traffic you would receive would be incredible ...Having a link on the first page of Digg for a day is something that most of us can only dream of but it is a quantitative impossibility to suggest everyone could be there forever and yes, the amount of traffic would be incredible but your site isn`t Digg. If it were a matter of paying the minimal fee you`re asking to get on Digg`s front page (even if only for a day), I think many of us would happily pay it and consider it money well spent. But again, we run into the quantitative impossibility I already mentioned. But that`s a key difference btwn you and Digg. Placement on Digg is incumbent upon the democracy/anarchy of individuals AND the perceived value of the content which compels them to share it. On your site, it`s a matter of paying money; there`s no "jurying" process.
    I`m not suggesting the model can`t work but you have some kinks to work out of the system. I`m not saying I never would do something like this, only that I never have. I`ve never advertised my site -ever. I think that if one offers great content of value to visitors, traffic will grow naturally. At least that`s my preference. My philosophy is that I MUST address my visitors needs, that`s the only thing that feels honest. Paying for placement feels like gaming the system. If I can`t draw readership through content, then I probably should pursue another venture. 
  • bloggersmosaicbloggersmosaic subscriber Posts: 2
    Interesting concept, I have to give it some more exploration time, but I think a "blurb" might be helpful under each picture. This question may seen like it`s from left field, but do you know Daniel?
    It`s the whole "mosaic" that`s has me wondering...
    Onward & Upward!

    daniel ?
    mosaic wondering ?
  • bloggersmosaicbloggersmosaic subscriber Posts: 2
    redfish thanks
    kathleenfasanella....i don`t think i can thank you enough for honest review and recommendations .
    took r&f out but the digg statement  i will keep because its not a compare case ..its the concept of being on front page of any social site.
    for the copy editor if i hired one it will the second time i will hire one to re write the whole text..which i found really weird based on the fact that last editor is a journalist !
    who else agree with kathleen ? bloggersmosaic11/19/2008 11:03 AM
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