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If you saw something unlike anything you`ve ever seen...

EntrepenuerEntrepenuer subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Marketing
would you be interested in it?  
I`d like to hear from small business owners who are willing to spend a small amount of money on advertising what they think of my advertising venture.  It`s called RockConify.  If you google it, you`ll find the web address.I look forward to hearing entrepreneurial opinionsThanks!-Rob


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    EntrepenuerEntrepenuer subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Jeff,
    Were you using a Mac?  If so, you have to get the latest software updates(The Apple in the upper left hand corner->Software Updates).  It`s an advertising portal.  If the applet doesn`t load, of course the end user could never figure that out.  If you`re using a PC, that`s trouble because I`ve never seen it not work on a PC.  Also, what is your screen resolution?  I designed it for 1280x800 or larger.This is the kind of feedback I need though, because the user needs to know instantly.  Thanks for the feedback!
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    EntrepenuerEntrepenuer subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Ricky,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I suspect that you have an old version of the Java Runtime Environment.  How old is your PC and what are the specs on it?  Java should automatically update you to the latest, but that doesn`t always happen.
    The whole point of Java is that you get it working on one machine, and then it works on all machines.  Java is not as good as advertised.  If this is failing on other PC`s, I`d really like to try and figure out why.  
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