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New E-Store- Feedback!Please! Adult Novelties

MonicaGMonicaG subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Website Critique

Hi all, I just launched my latest project & I would love to get some feedback.
I haven`t yet set up the 800 #- I`m waiting for an english accent to read my "script"- I am thinking of removing it from the main pages-to put only in a "customer service" section.
I am hoping what will set me apart from other "adult" sites, is having a womans` perspective, as well as reviews & recomondations.
Thank you all in advance for feedback!


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    olvilleolville subscriber Posts: 1
    The pictures sould be the same size. (Large)
    Keep it up. You are on your way.olville2006-10-4 14:42:28
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    MonicaGMonicaG subscriber Posts: 2
    The picture thing-ahgg! I`ve been having to rezize each item-I was testing the sizes to see what people liked better..I`m currently working to rezise all to large.
    I will speak to my web guy about the navigation stuff, I purchased the shoppingcart, used my template..I think I can configure it but some things are limited..
    I love getting all the different perspectives, I work on my site all the time, and sometimes its hard to be objective when you`re in the thick of it.
    Eli, I don`t have any flash- I`m not sure why that happened..sorry
    Thank You all for your comments-Keep `em coming!!
    MonicaG2006-10-4 23:22:35
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Ok... Now how did you guys catch so many problems with her web site? Monica I visited your web site, and to be honest, I didn`t see any errors at all, I must have been distracted by the beautiful models (what can I say I`m just a man)But honestly how did you guys catch the errors??? Laughing... Shrugging... and the funny thing only guys are commenting on your web site.... Is there a problem here? Hold on let me visit it again!!Ok, I guess only if they are pointed out ... But there can be some improvements to the shopping cart... Take care
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    MonicaGMonicaG subscriber Posts: 2
    Edgar, I was thinking the same thing( you gave me the biggest laugh all day)
    I plan on upgrading the shopping cart to the 4.0 version(its supposed to be out next year) It has cooler features,but I did this site on a budget under 500. I agree about the search, I don`t think I described any as "dildos" maybe I should, but I`ve been using "vibrator" alot- cause most all have batteries.
    Women driven content- It`s on its way- I am devleoping a forum so that all my clients can discuss products, ideas etc...as the budget improves. I`m mainly marketing the site to the women who attend my "home parties" as a way of browsing more items in private. I just started this site & comapany 2 months ago.. I am new to the world of internet development, and appreciate all of your suggestions! I will be taking them all when I`m updating!!
    Craig-thanks for the feedback, I will be making most of the changes you suggested as well .
    Were`s all the ladies perspectives? Come on  Ladies I need your opinions!!!I love this site & the community of support!
    Thanks a bunch SUN community-
    I plan on marketing to wedding planning sites to get into the `bachelorette" demographic ( after many more changes are put into place)
    MonicaG2006-10-5 23:8:3
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