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Tackleboxes2go.com`s new website. Can this sell?

fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
Hi everyone,

www.tackleboxes2go.com or www.tb2g.com
My name is Erik Willms and I am one of the co-founders of Tackle Boxes 2 Go, LLC. I am 20 years old and my two other partners are 22 and 24. We formed our company because of our experiences with taking friends fishing in Canada and them not having or knowing what equipment to bring.
Basically we offer all of the neccessary lures and accessories needed to catch a wide variety of fish in specific locations in a single tackle box. We will soon be offering more location-type boxes as well as fish-type specific boxes. I spent about the month designing our website and now it is live. It is the first real website that ive designed and know it probably could use some, if not a lot, of work. Any input on layout, flow, web copy or anything else would be very helpful.
Thanks to everyone out there...
Tight Lines,
Erik Willms


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    DOCTYPE XHTML 1.0 Transitional ...... not validating through W3C.Put your css into external file and import.Keywords, more like this .... "Tackle Boxes, Fishing, Resources, Fishing Info, Fishing tackle, lures, tackle kits", etc.Empty h1 tags aren`t doing you any good; put your title/tagline/keywords or something beneficial here. Also, if you put an image in your h tags, use a better alt description than just the file name.Your menu links should have titles.More textual content.Don`t overuse "TB2G"; unless you`re TCBY, TGIF or already well known, people have to actually stop for a second to think about what it means, and doesn`t help SEO.Many pages have the same URL; if I go to "Tips", I can select from the different options, which seem to be different pages, yet your URL stays the same. Plus, don`t hide the tips, waiting for someone to click on them; I thought there weren`t any first, making me think it was a wasted page. You have content, show it! Your code has a lot of empty space, mostly due to all those br tags. The Google box uses way too much space.How does the moon part benefit your site?If you have instant sales capability ( i.e. BuyNow/PayPal ) you should inform your visitors up front. Also make sure you have easy to find information for shipping/returns/warranties.Some of your product pictures, when clicked, go to 404 pages.
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your thoughts...
    I will add titles to my menu links and create a shipping/returns page.  Also, if I put my css in an external file and attach it to the pages, will this solve the "not validating through "W3C"? Im actually not exactly sure what that error means either...
    When you click on the tips, products, or pics pages, the address is different for each initial click from the menu bar. Each page contains the same info the others do, the only difference is which tabbed pannel is set to default display.
    For example, if you click northwoods box(www.tackleboxes2go.com/northwoodstacklebox.html ) from the menu bar, that will be the default pane selected. When you choose the canadian box from the Menu bar(www.tackleboxes2go.com/canadiantacklebox.html) , it is the default box that shows, even though you can then select and view the other boxes.
    Not sure if that makes any sense...
    Is this an ok way of doing this? Is there a better approach?
    Also, many fishermen and women rely on the moon phase to determine if it will be a good day to fish. We are in the process of writing a table that goes along with this info. That will probably make it more apparent.
    Finally, im trying to create some popup windows that will display the pictures of those products (the ones with the 404). Anyone with hints on this would be helpful too.
    Thanks a lot
    Erik Willms
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Good advice, I will fix those changes...
    When it comes to our prices, they are actually quite low for everything you get. I know i need to add this to our site, but to go to Cabelas or Bass pro shop and buy EXACTLY the same lures, accessories and tackle bag, it costs between 280-300. We actually buy from the same wholesaler that sells to Gander Mountain and in some cases we buy directly from the lure manufacturer.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    For more info on W3C, go here...http://validator.w3.org/docs/why.htmlBy importing your css, you reduce your page sizes, plus you can change elements of all your pages by editing just the css file.I understand about the tabbed panels, my thoughts were along the lines of search engines seeing one url and potentially different content, but since it looks like it is hard-coded into the page, maybe no harm done.For the 404 images, maybe a lightbox effect or just a simple small popup.I also think that if you emphasize the tourism experience you have, and maybe integrate that more, it would be helpful.
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the input Craig. I agree with a lot of your points. I will start working on those changes.
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Webline -
    I tried to make some of those changes to the code on the home page and on the products pages. I think i link to an external .css, not sure if i did it completly correct or not. If anyone out there has a sec and could take a look to let me know that would be great.
    Thanks everyone for the great input. Its really helping me out.


    Erik Willms
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    That`s how you do it for the css. Your keywords should be on one line, separated by commas. Run your site through the W3C validator to see errors and how to fix them.
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    (I am a newer member here, I joined last year but recently had to reinput my profile due to some goofy problem)  My point of view is coming from an avid online shopper, and I am a female who likes to fish.   Mostly salt water inlets, beach shore fishing.   I am not a html,css etc. etc. techie, just a female shopper. Overall I love this idea and applaud you for making it thus far.  
    - Possibly display the saying "How can we help you catch fish?" at the top of the home page where the picture main photo is located..it is a catchy little tag line.
    - Can you show a photo of the tackle box being held by a person to give a point of reference as to how large it is?   And list the dimensions of each (or maybe I missed that part)
    - also what type of material are the tackle boxes made of?  did I miss that also?  is it lightweight ripstop nylon, pvc coated polyester, what denier? etc. etc.  Water resistant?
    - the main photo of the 3 tackle boxes would be more authentic if it was photographed on a dock, or on the bow of a boat...or it would be much prettier if they were sitting at the tides edge of one of your rivers/lakes.
    Congratulations on everything!
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Those are all great points Dianne. We are trying to plan a couple of different saltwater fishing type kits for this coming spring and summer. We were thinking one for surf and flat fishing and another for deeper or more offshore fishing. What do you think? Any other suggestions about starting omething for saltwater?
    Thanks again
  • LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    Great idea!  My boyfriend loves fishing and this is great!  It is a great gift idea.  He is a native of Alaska.  I have caught the biggest and best fish while we`ve been together.
    I can catch fish--when he helps me pick out the right lure, helps me find the right spot, and takes me at the right time of day.  However, if I bought this kit because I wanted to go fishing, I wouldn`t know what lure to use at what time or with what type of fish. 
    My boyfriend was stating that the price may be a little bit steep.  (but he is used to tying his own lures.)  He has come up with his own lure/flies for fishing trips in Alaska and here in Idaho.  He stated that you may be able to keep your costs down by tying your own flies.  It may be worth having kits of different price ranges.
    One other idea--when we go fishing, we usually only use about 4-5 lures.  Maybe that`s when you can have smaller kits with just some jigs and rapalas for kits of $20 to 50.
  • fishinkingfishinking subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Natalie. Im glad you like our idea. Ive fished in Jeaneu once for Pink Salmon and it was incredible. I really want to go back sometime. Alaska is probably the most beautiful place ive ever been.
    Right now we dont have any fly boxes. We definatley are going to try and offer a few different sizes at diferent prices. We dont fly fish a ton so we are looking for advice on some of the necessities for a stream/river fly box kit.
    Good idea though on having some smaller options than what we currently offer. We were thinking about selling individual dividers with a few lures in that people could swap in/out of there box.
    thanks for the support and good luck to you
  • saltydiannesaltydianne subscriber Posts: 3
    I think Natalie/LiveWise and myself have found a common concern.  When I fish it is always with my daddy or brother.  I am spoiled in that they bring everything.     I am truly a sporty girl girl, so I know that if I had to fish with must my hubby or friends I would purchase a pink tackle box with just the basics that are needed.  I do have my own poles but that does not mean I know what type of lure to use or proper weighting in the rough surf conditions, or for deeper waters.
    Sooo, you could start a female product line.    Think of the company that sells pink tool belts and tools.  I love those things as I do not have to sneak into my hubbies, or dad`s tool box!
    Ya`ll are smart for focusing on your target market, and the area that you know best....
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