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Got PR Questions? Free publicity for your business

PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
edited August 2008 in Public Relations

Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Do you have public relations questions specific to your small business?
Ask away, and I`ll try to help you out here.
And if you have a great way that you`ve used publicity to boost sales and awareness, please send me a brief note at http://www.startupnation.com/blogs/inde ... -about-pr/ and get some free publicity for your business!
Thanks, and I wish you all the best!
PRPro7/8/2008 12:37 PM


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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Janie,
    Thanks for your message. And I`ll give away as many "secrets" as I can to help!
    After all, entrepreneurs hire me once they simply don`t have time to conduct their PR efforts and need to concentrate on core business activities. And I know how it is to start a business from scratch so I`m happy to provide assistance to others.
    For HARO and other media lists, it`s important to look at what the reporter is requesting and provide that information. You need to be succinct and on target. Otherwise, you`ll waste time and start the media relationship off the wrong way.
    When contacting reporters directly, it`s important to know what they cover and what they will find interesting. What unique aspects of your products and services will they want to talk about? By asking this simple question, and conducting media research in advance, it will be much easier to figure out what to tell/send that media member.
    And before you spend a lot on a press release or packet, I highly suggest calling the reporter first. This way, you can share your passion for your business and offer yourself as a resource for future stories.
    These are just a few tips to get started. For more detailed and free information on using the "power of the press," please see:
    StartupNation Radio Interview:

    http://www.startupnation.com/media/epis ... tified.htm

    StartupNation Blog:

    http://www.startupnation.com/blogs/inde ... y-success/

    7 Steps to PR Success:

    http://www.startupnation.com/steps/77/s ... ations.htm

    My Personal Blog:


    I also offer two, free checklists on "5 Must-Have Tips for Working with the Media" and "20 Quick Online Copywriting Tips to Help Boost Website Sales in Minutes" when you register for my free, monthly newsletter at www.rembrandtwrites.com.  
    And if you have questions, feel free to write to me below or at melanie@startupnation.com. I`m here to help!
    P.S. If you have a PR success story, please let me know. I may be able to share your story here on StartupNation and give you some free publicity!
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    That`s awesome, and I remember your story! If you`re interested, I`ll contact you offline to interview for my StartupNation Blog.
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    jcarenjcaren subscriber Posts: 3
    Janie that is awesome about Real Simple!!! How did you land that?
    Melanie, thank you for doing this! Here is my question...how do I pitch the media with gift ideas when I have a store filled with them?!?!  I have been struggling to know how to position myself since I am a retail store that resells really unique products.
    I have tried to pitch certain products, but feel like I always choose the wrong ones that leave the media not interested....I woudl rather find a unqiue angle to pitch my whole site as a truly unique gift shop, does that ever work?
    I hope this makes sense....and thanks for any direction!!!
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