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YouTube Commercials

RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2008 in Marketing
I threw my first YouTube commercial out there today....and it`s just a start but I think good to be out on YouTube.  Have any of you used this to market your product and have you had good success?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd0ZhOByBjg Gwen Austin
RC ART TOYSwww.rcarttoys.com   


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    RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    No..It moves around.  We were just playing with the software..  The next commercial is going to show more movement.  Surprisingly....people love the fact it can make those circles.....
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    JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Hey RC toys,
    That`s a fun video! =)  Wow - your product is at Target.com?  That`s GREAT! In my mind, I`m thinking...so why do you still need to make a commercial? But I guess it`s always good to generate more buzz, right?  =)  Congratulations!!
    Anyhow, about Youtube, some of my customers have made Youtube videos and they either put my product into action or they recommend it in their videos.  And I have to say, that it is a good avenue to pursue.  I`ve had success with it. 
    The way I ask is...I always mention to my customers in the thank you note, that if they ever showcase their artwork (along with my glove) in a youtube video, that I can also upload their video into my website as well. I showcase their videos here: http://www.smudgeguard.com/links.htm.
    So it may be a good idea to have your customers make videos about your product too! It never hurts to ask.
    Best regards,
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    RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    I was thinking of starting a "competition" to get YouTube hype and have the winner receive the next toy in the line or something....not sure yet.
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Sounds really cool (competition). Cool commercial for the first one - it`s truly a fun one - and with more resources you will have even greater ads. Good luck with your product - it`s great to already have it out and especially at Target. Congratulations!!!!! Wish you much more success............
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    JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Hi RC Toys,
    I just re-read your message box from your youtube video, and I think that the lighting is good. I don`t think you have to take it outside at all. 
    As for the competition, that`s a great idea! Or..you could even send an email to your existing customer list and tell them about your youtube competition.  In this way, you know that they already have your product on hand.  Then, if they make a video and submit it, and if they win, they could win your toy along with a small cash bonus of your choice. I dunno..maybe $50.00??  I was thinking of doing that for myself, but I just haven`t gotten around to doing that. Anyways, again, your first video is great! Keep it going!
    Hi Janie,
    Thanks for the kind words. Business is slowly coming along. It`s steadily being recognized through youtube and via word of mouth, so I`m grateful! Thanks again for the kind words! =)
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    ark23ark23 subscriber Posts: 4
    Wow! I remember seeing that toy on Oprah!
    That oprah episode appeared on australian tv sometime in last 3 months..
    I take it you appeared on oprah??
    Just goes to show the impact SuN has!
    I would put someone in video explaining benefits to customer. Or maybe display benefits across bottom of screen with adequate inbetween time between text.
    Even if justs 3 words to entice potential customers. "engaging or hours of fun!" etc.
    It`s just a suggestion.
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    mikewofseymikewofsey subscriber Posts: 1
    Good commercial. My kids would have a blast with that toy. It`s the Spirograph for the Radio Age.
    You should consider branding an alternate version with the Spirograph badge if Kenner is even still around. Maybe they`ll license it to you.
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    PezmelPezmel subscriber Posts: 2
    I think for as long as youtube is free, that most small businesses should create a youtube video. I don`t think it matters if you are marketing a product or a service, YOU are probably the best part of your business, and getting YOU in front of your audience is a good thing.
    We filmed a very basic youtube video for a product demonstration and the video receives a fair amount of traffic, all of which was free. Not to mention is pops up for certain keywords on google.
    Michael Simpsonhttp://www.Do-OverClothing.com</A>
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    dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    Very cute video and good use of music.
    I`ve done quite a bit of video for myself and my different clients. One client has over 60,000 views on YouTube alone.
     Here are some recommendations:
    1.Use TubeMogul (free) or TrfficGeyser($97/mo) to push your video out to other video and podcasting sites. You will get a lot more traffic and many of the sites also give links.
    2. If you don`t use those tools at least push it out to GoFish. That market is your market.
    3. Add your website address to the beginning of your description so that someone can click on it without having to click the "more" button first.
    4. Typically we`ve seen 2-5% click through to our sites.
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    studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    I would call your video a good demo, but not a commercial.  In a commercial, we are led to believe we have a need for the item and there is a call to action to buy the item. 
    The youtube videos that I have seen "go viral" include something amazing or something funny. 
    I see a guy strapping on rollerskates fitted with sidewalk chalk.  He skates around with his 2 year old daughter watching, wishing she could skate too.  The camera pans back and we see the skater has duplicated the mona lisa.  The girl says "I want to be like you, Daddy." The scene switches to home where the happy father and daughter are playing with your toy.  (Maybe the skating was his fantasy while he drew with the bug.)
    Good luck!
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    studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks Janie, I did get paid once for a TV commercial idea.  If only it had been enough to realize the ideas I have for my own commercials!  I am excited that you have an upcoming commercial, be sure you post a link here so we can all see it when it comes out.
    Snpkukuk, great info!  Thanks
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    playmulliganplaymulligan subscriber Posts: 3
    This is a good video - my son (age 3) would love this.
    You have prompted me to reserach  inluding a You-Tube video of our dice golf game.  www.playmulligan.com
    Was it difficult to create the video?  What type of skills are required here?


    Get on a Roll!
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    RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    Sorry - I`ve been crazy and didn`t even realize all the great suggestions getting posted here!!!
    Ark 23 - great suggestions...
    Doug - great stuff.  I`m definitely going to make some changes and look into some of those sites you mentioned.
    Mia - sorry for the seizure   The bug is extremely durable and has outlasted multiple kids flying it off table tops for days on end...so you`d get a least a few hours out of it!
    ark23 - yes I was on Oprah with the toy.  Unfortunately we weren`t out on the market yet when the show aired but I`m still getting a lot of people who remember it so that`s great.  I  know it`s replayed multiple times down in Australia...we are working on getting distribution there.
    Jeannie - although I have managed to get some great retailers on board, you still need to tell the public about your product so it boosts sales.  I think that after you get the development/manufacturing completed, you really become a marketing company for your product
    Thomas - the color change was just creative graphics. 
    Jill - we just did this all in house.  Nothing fancy.   A friend did this and I`m not sure what his software is but I have some by Sony that wasn`t expensive and allows you to cut, fade, add music, text, etc.  It`s VERY simple and makes a great finished product for something like this.
    snpkukuk- Great ideas!  I`m definitely going to expand with some of it!!!
    OK - on to the video camera!!
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