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Website trademark and LLC question

GaiaListGaiaList subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2008 in Protecting Your Ideas
Hello SUN! I`m new to the business owner world.  I have a trademark and LLC question.  This has probably been asked a million times, so I apologize for the redundancy. 
I have a website search engine that is going live in January 2009.  I need to get the business an LLC before that happens.  Should I incorporate it as NAME or as NAME.COM ?  I am considering using Legalzoom.  Is there a better service out there for this and cheaper? 
I will also need to trademark my logo and name within the 2009 year.  What services should I consider for that?  I heard it can cost anywhere from $300-$3000 depending out the route one takes.  Any pointers on this are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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