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Help with company name. PLEASE:-)

Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
edited May 2006 in Grab Bag
I need your help in choosing a creative name other than "Event(s)" in my business` name.  Just about (though not all) every wedding and event planner`s website I`ve visited since 2004 (when serious research began) has the word "event" in their company`s name.  The thesaurus was no help.I want to use something unique, but sensible that would indicate what we do.  Whatever replacement we choose, it will be the last word in the company name.  Example: Spirit Grace X.  The "X" being the replacement."Party(ies)" is not even a consideration.  I have considered occasions, festivities, fete, affair(s), fiesta(s), celebration(s) and though I`m not a huge fan because it`s used a lot, design(s).Your suggestions are sincerely appreciated!


  • stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    What terms do people use to think of or describe your industry? If you avoid common terms in your name just to be different you might not show up in a Google or Yellow Pages search.
  • MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
    When I was choosing my name, I decided to use events because I wanted to make it very clear what it was I was going to be doing.  Also, I was told that a one or two syllably word was most memorable in our industry by my mentor for my training program so I started narrowing things down based on that.  I ended up with my name after being reminded of the word "winsome" in a song I love.  When I looked up it`s meaning (charming with an innocent-like quality), it fit my personality perfectly.  It also gave an air of sophistication and romanticism and so it was the perfect fit.
    I decided that Events was just fine with me because I want people to be completely clear on what it is I deal with, but I didn`t want an overly long name.  I think weddings and events is a bit much.  Pretty much everything that has been suggested above was something that I considered but when it came down to choosing one that had the best "ring" to it, Winsome Events just seemed to be the best choice.  I sort of foresee that many people as they become comfortable with my business will drop the "events" so it`s mainly there to let people know that I am an event specialist. 
    I guess what I`m trying to say here is find a name that you can get behind.  You may have to sacrifice a little creativity to get one that will bring people to your door.    Also, don`t rush the process...I actually took about 4 months to decide on my name, but when I finally found it I knew it was "the one"!
  • Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
    Ooooo!  I love the suggestions!  Thanks everyone!  The business has had its unofficial name (well, the first 2 words, anyway) since 2003 and the events replacement would be the third and final word.In the end, I`m sure the pros must know something or else so many of them wouldn`t be using "events" as part of their company name.  I`ll keep you posted and will let you know what the final and winning word will be.Many thanks!
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